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Paul Warren Presents "Learn Cloud Foundry" (in Chicago)

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I put this in Northwest because some folks may want to go to Chicago to learn Cloud Foundry...

Cloud Foundry is growing in popularity at several large companies because it offers advantages over local servers and cloud servers. It's important skill for many jobs and is becoming more in demand at several Financial and Insurance companies to comply with various rules and regulations. Come and attend the meetup and learn Cloud Foundry, as well as meet some peers! HandsOn portion is optional (you can watch). CHECK THIS SPACE 2 DAYS BEFORE FOR SETUP INSTRUCTIONS ON YOUR MACHINE NEEDED FOR HANDS-ON.

-Architecture & Organization
-Hands On
Command Line Interface
-Commands and Syntax
-Tech Choices
-Hands On (deploy application(s))

About the Presenter...

Paul Warren
An experienced agile developer who has successfully lead a team in an extreme programming environment. A highly responsible and motivated professional looking for new challenges as a Java developer in new environments to better improve current skills. Interest in new technology and processes to enhance the development process to bring additional value to the origination. Understands the value of hard work with the ability to work well under pressure to complete goals within time constraints.

NOTE: This presentation will not be recorded due to Copyright restrictions
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