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Theta Healing Group Circle (FREE FOR ALL)

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If you haven’t discovered the INCREDIBLE power of the THETA BRAINWAVE, which WE ALL HAVE,

Join us for a Theta Healing Circle when WE will ACCESS OUR Theta Brainwave

Using the power of Theta Healing….

…amazing and awesome and powerful Theta healing….

In these circles, we harness the power and the tools of ThetaHealing to transform our lives. We begin with a short meditation, then move into energy clearing work to release negative or limiting beliefs that we hold on the subconscious level which might be blocking us from:

Manifesting the life we want to live
Receiving and enjoying the abundance and prosperity we would like to have in our lives
Calling in our divine, compatible soulmate
Experiencing true health and well-being for ourselves, our loved ones and/or our pets
Achieving true success in all areas of our lives including career and finances, health and well being, personal and familial relationships, and spiritual and personal growth.
Once these beliefs have been cleared, we replace them with positive, empowering beliefs which support our Divine purpose in each of these areas.

As a result, our lives can flow with ease and grace, and in joyful, happy ways. No prior experience in Theta Healing required.

Let's have a get together and practice Theta Healing. We'll end the evening with a Group healing. It's a great opportunity to meet other Theta Healers, and to get a chance to practice.

Date: Thursday, 21 February 2013

Time: 5.00p-7.00p

Instructor: Vanya Silverten, Master Theta Healer