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Language-Specific Socials

Do you speak French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, Mandarin, Hebrew, ASL, Japanese, Hindi, German, Romanian...or another language? Would you like to meet with other families who speak one of these languages to form friendships and community connections? While adults meet one another and socialize; children can play together and enhance their social and language skills naturally as they make friends who also speak the language. Imagine Playspace has an entire kid sized play town to encourage interactive play as well as an indoor playground with ball pit, bounce house and so much more!

The Hebrew Language Social is already meeting for the fall session and Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian and French groups are ready to begin.

What is Imagine Playspace?

Imagine is a huge interactive, educational, play space which includes an entire role-play town and indoor/outdoor playground. Imagine is also a family friendly gathering space with a huge open hall containing large kitchen/dining area and large dance floor/stage & lounge areas. Check out our website for information, photos, hours, directions, parking... http://www.imaginecambridge.com

Why Join a Language Social?

Families can socialize and naturally acquire language skills in an immersive environment. If groups choose, they can share activities, including story time, circle or parachute games, puppetry, art, or even a more involved, themed curriculum. There is a substantial selection of books in most of these languages in our International Children's Library, plus access to most any learning materials you might want or need.

Socials will begin as significant interest develops and a minimum of 6 families confirm for a specific language and time. There is a huge list of families that have expressed interest through Imagine as well as the smaller group on meetup. Specific pages for the languages on this meetup site will help keep you informed about the status of your particular language group.

This fall session we are asking that interested families commit to attending 3-10 gatherings concluding mid December to ensure that we have a healthy group for all involved.

Upcoming events (2)

French Club: Meet Friends, Play, Learn & Have Fun at Imagine!

Join French speaking families at Imagine Playspace for fun! Make friends, enjoy music, read stories, create art and play in a huge facility especially created for early education and social interaction (including an entire kid sized town and indoor/outdoor playgrounds.) Curriculum activities will be provided by Imagine and may be implemented by participants between 4-5 pm if that works well for families, then there is the opportunity to bring food or order out and eat together in the kitchen leaving the evening to play and socialize informally while enjoying French music. Families can attend for the times that work well for them but we ask for a 6 out of 8 weeks commitment from a minimum of 6 families so that French language skills may be obtained by children in an immersive environment in a natural manner through consistent interactions. We hope you can join the fun!

The cost is the regular admission fee for 6 visits is $77 for one child and up to 2 adults (second sibling $51, third $26) plus a one time registration and materials fee of $20. Please let us know if you can commit to a series, and which times and days can work for you.

We hope to offer a multi-generational French Language & Culture Party periodically as well, to celebrate the many French speaking cultures with music, food, dance, movies and fun!

Hindi Club: Meet friends, play & have fun at Imagine!
Needs a date and time

Imagine Playspace

Several families are interested in gathering at Imagine Playspace for Hindi Club! We hope you can join in the fun! Imagine will offer materials for art, stories, music, games etc. for those interested in participating in a 6 week session. The language component is gained by participating as a group in implementing the activities and from social interactions among club members. Imagine is an unique environment which encourages social interactions and enhances language acquisition by offering a wide range of play opportunities for children including an entire kid sized play town. We can begin the Hindi Club as soon as we have 6 families interested in meeting. There is some interest in meeting Sunday morning at 9am. Please let us know if you are interested, what days and times can work, and help spread the word!

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