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Language-Specific Socials

Do you speak French, Spanish, Russian, German, Mandarin, Hebrew, ASL, Hindi, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, Arabic...or another language? Would you like to meet with other families who speak one of these languages to form friendships and community connections? While adults meet one another and socialize; children can play together and enhance their social and language skills naturally as they make friends who also speak the language. Imagine Playspace has an entire kid sized play town to encourage interactive play as well as an indoor playground with ball pit, bounce house and so much more!

Spanish, German, French, Mandarin, Hebrew, Russian, Romanian/Moldovan, ASL (Baby signs) groups are already meeting!

There is growing interest in Arabic, Portuguese, Hindi, Polish, Korean, ASL, Japanese, Somali, Italian, Dutch and other languages.

What is Imagine Playspace?

Imagine is a huge interactive, educational, play space which includes an entire role-play town and indoor/outdoor playground. Imagine is also a family friendly gathering space with a huge open Hall containing large kitchen/dining area and large dance floor/stage & lounge areas. Check out our website for information, photos, hours, directions, parking... http://www.imaginecambridge.com

Why Join a Language Social?

Families can socialize and naturally acquire language skills in an immersive environment. If groups choose, they can share activities, including music, story time, circle or parachute games, puppetry, art, or even a more involved, themed curriculum. There is a substantial selection of books in most of these languages in our international Children's library, plus access to most any learning materials you might want or need.

Socials will begin as significant interest develops and a minimum of 5 families register for a specific language and time. There is a huge list of families that have expressed interest through Imagine as well as the smaller group on meetup. Specific pages for the languages on this meetup site will help keep you informed about the status of your particular language group.

Starting in the new year we may ask interested families and individuals to commit to a series of 6 out of 8 week meetings to ensure that we have a healthy group for all involved.

Upcoming events (5+)

German Language Social at Imagine Playspace

Imagine PlaySpace

Join other families to enjoy one another's company as children play together, make friends, participate in activities, and converse in German. There is a group of 5 families already planning to attend regularly and over 50 families who have expressed interest at some point on Imagine's email list. This is a fun growing community! We hope that some members from this meetup forum can join in as well. There will be both planned activities and open play in Imagine's huge indoor playground complete with entire kid sized town and outdoor play "shipyard." Full details about the playspace are at www.Imagine Playspace.com including photos, directions & parking, admission etc. The German social is included with regular admission. Admission is $15 for one child and up to 2 adults. Significant additional discounts are available for multi-visit passes and siblings. The group plans to meet weekly. If you would like to join but need a different schedule, please let us know. We hope to see you soon! Photos, parking, rates, details at www.ImagineCambridge.com

Hebrew Language Social at Imagine Playspace!

Imagine Playspace

Join other families to enjoy one another's company as children play together, make friends, participate in activities, and converse in Hebrew. There have been about 7-15 families attending regularly, with a group of over 50 families who have expressed interest. This is a fun growing meetup! We hope that some members from this meetup forum can join in as well. There may be both planned activities and open play in Imagine's huge indoor playground complete with entire kid sized town and outdoor play "shipyard." Take advantage of our Hebrew children's section of the international children's library - also a whole PJ library section is available to share cultural aspects during story time. Just stop by to say "Shalom" or make it a family evening out. Bring food or order out if you like; you are welcome to eat together in the kitchen area. Full details about the play space are at www.ImagineCambridge.com including photos, directions & parking, admission (roughly $5/person.) The group meets weekly. We hope to see you soon!

Romanian & Moldovan Language Social at Imagine

Imagine Playspace

Romanian/Moldovan Social is now Thursdays 4-8pm Dragi prinți din comunitatea Moldo-Română! Vă invităm să vă alăturați altor familii vorbitoare de limbă română la locul de joacă pentru copii “Imagine Playspace” pentru o după-amiază socială distractivă! Copiii se pot juca în uriașul loc de joacă cu două etaje, cu experiențe educaționale și distractive, o frumoasă șansă să își fac prieteni noi și să practice abilitățile lingvistice. Sperăm din suflet să ne strîngem împreună știind că foarte mulți moldoveni și români locuiesc in zona Watertown și Waltham. Odată ce vom avea o grupă stabilă, vom organiza serate culturale care vor implementa Tradițiile acestor două țări frumoase. Vom organiza șezători cu bucate tradiționale și de ce nu și portul tradițional. Le vom citi copiilor povești românești și vom asculta muzică la dorință. Sperăm că veți împărtăși aceste informații altor persoane vorbitoare de limba română, care ar putea fi interesate să frecventeze grupul, astfel încât toată lumea să se poată întâlni și să se bucure de comunitate. Planificăm să ne întâlnim săptămânal și ne-ar place să vă vedem în curând! Este o șansă frumoasă de a cunoaște alte familii vorbitori de română, de a iniția noi prietenii sau de a te întîlnit cu prieteni vechi și de a organiza un playdate pentru copii. Detalii complete la ImagineCambridge.com, gratuit cu admitere regulată. Cu drag, Personalul de la Imagine Playspace Dear parents from the Moldo-Romanian community! We invite you all to join other Romanian-speaking families at the Children's Playground "Imagine Playspace" in Cambridge, for a fun social afternoon! Children can play in the giant playground with two floors, filled with educational and fun games. What a beautiful chance to make new friends and interact in your native language. We hope to gather together knowing that we are so few and many Moldovans and Romanians live in the Watertown and Waltham areas. Once we have a stable group, we will organize cultural sessions that will implement the Traditions of these two beautiful countries. We will organize “șezători” with traditional dishes and why not the traditional “hora” dance and “Doina” music. We will take turns to read our children Romanian stories and teach them “poezii” . We hope you share this information with other Romanian-speaking parents/families who may be interested in attending the group so that everyone can meet and enjoy the community. We plan to meet each week on Thursday at 4-8pm and we'd love to see you soon! It is a beautiful chance to meet other Romanian-speaking families, to start new friendships, share useful information or to meet old friends and to organize children's playdates. The Social gathering is free of charge with regular admission (roughly $5/ person.) Photos, details, admission, parking and directions at www.ImagineCambridge.com We hope you can join us!

Russian Language Social at Imagine Playspace!

Imagine Playspace

Russian Social Thursdays,[masked]pm, December 6th, 2018 Imagine Playpace at 23 Bay State Rd. Cambridge, MA Дорогие родители, бабушки и дедушки, а также няни, русскоязычной общины. За последний год много русскоговорящих Посетителей нашего детского центра проявили интерес создать Русскую группу общения родителей и ихних детей. Это прекрасный шанс познакомиться с новыми семьями и создавать удивительно крепкие и жизнестойкие дружбы. Приглашаем вас по четвергам с[masked] присоединиться к другим русскоговорящим семьям в детском центре Imagine Play-space, чтобы поговорить на русском, сформировать сообщество/дружбы и создать незабываемое времяпровождение и массу веселея интерактивных игр вашим детям, в Имажине. В нашей библиотеке вы найдёте книги на русском языке, а также множество развлечений, учебных материалов. Надеемся, вы сможете присоединиться и весело провести время в нашем детском развлекательном центре ! Пожалуйста, также поделитесь этой информацией с другими русскоговорящими родителями, которые могут быть заинтересованы. Не стесняйтесь приносить еду или заказывать здесь, если хотите. Предлагаем бесплатную парковку в передней и задней части Imagine. Русский Сошэл бесплатен с регулярным допуском к Imagine: Дневной тариф составляет 15 долларов США за 3 (один ребенок и до 2 взрослых). Скидки Доступно для многопроходных пропусков, братьев и сестер, Больше информации и фотографии нашего центра вы найдёте на сайте www.ImagineCambridge.com Мы надеемся, что вы можете присоединиться к нам! Imagine Playspace www.ImagineCambridge.com 23 Bay State Rd., MA 02138 [masked][masked] С уважением команда детского центра Imagine Playspace

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French Language Social at Imagine!

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