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Washington State Immersive Fair 2018
CHRONOS GLOBAL ACADEMY PRESENTS... Washington State Immersive Fair 2018 We are so excited to share with you the first VR fair ever! Virtual Reality is the future of everything we have ever known and we are walking into a new paradigm. Imagine making a whole world of endless possibilities where there are no limitations. Impossible? We challenge that thought. Come experience our vision and listen to the limitless minds of our speakers and community as we explore the impossible, together. A portion of ticket sales will go directly to Channel A TV’s charity which provides the tools, resources, mentorship and funding to give minorities and underprivileged students the opportunities to pursue a career path in production, media, tech and entertainment. Who is Chronos Global Academy? Chronos Global Academy is the first academy in the world to ever offer courses specifically designed to educate the future’s greatest minds and those who see the progression of a new technology era. Our Mission Our mission at Chronos Global Academy is to progress human learning through immersive technologies. We want to open the doors for future leaders of this world and give them the tools and resources they need to challenge all different walks of life’s discoveries. If you're passionate or interested in game design, education, 3D modeling, art, computer graphics, business, entrepreneurship, or futuristic technology, you are in for a world of surprise. VR and AR are exploding in many industries such as real estate, manufacturing, marketing, gaming, medicine, design, construction etc. If you have a general interest or expertise in any field where immersive technology could empower you, come join us for the first ever Washington State Immersive fair 2018. This progressive technology is not just impacting our community in so many beneficial ways but allowing us to solve real world problems and issues in our current world. VR is for everyone We want to open up the doors of VR/ AR to the whole world! This includes you, and everyone else that is wanting to explore the limitless opportunities and possibilities this technology has to offer. Don’t be afraid to open up your network as you meet fellow artists, enthusiasts, sound artists, entertainers, performers, software engineers, researchers, film-makers, developers, UX designers, game designers, phycologists, real estate brokers, iconic figures, industry professionals and more! Where do I show up? The Washington State Immersive Fair 2018 will be hosted at the Wells Fargo Center Tower on the 44th floor, a 22,000 square foot facility in down town Seattle. (Check below for schedule and times) How you can help We want to give this event the exposure it deserves for being the first. We’re bringing exclusive content, jobs focused in this growing market, local artists to craft a historical mark on this event and an experience that takes you to a whole new world. We don’t just believe this but we promise this will be unlike anything that has been done. Don’t believe us? You have no idea what VR can do. Working together to do better We love our community and those who strive to deliver excellent products and services. If you wish are a company looking to hire talent, or want to become a sponsor, or wish to volunteer, please get in contact with us. Be a part of this experience as we progressively go deeper into a whole new world that awaits our arrival. Find out how you can be involved in this opportunity by contacting our Seattle office at (206)[masked] or by connecting with Erika Herrera - [masked]. Come celebrate this new immersive technology with us and be a part of the new paradigm to see what’s next. More info: Channel A TV CHRONOS GLOBAL ACADEMY

Jay R Parker

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    Virtual and Augmented Reality are portals to another world. The Metaverse is a new dimension that will connect people in more powerful ways than the Internet has made possible. Telepresence, teletranslation, teleportation, flying cars - all those things will become possible.
    This new virtual dimension will require a lot of digital content. This content is being created by 3D artists, XR designers and developers. We have created an Academy to quickly and effectively provide people with the necessary skills to create virtual content. Our goal is to have as many people as possible creating content; we are focused on empowering people to create, and not just be consumers of content. Lack of virtual content has been the most serious issue with adoption of VR.
    Whether you are interested in trying VR/AR/MR for the first time, or you are already an enthusiast who wants to see this medium go mainstream, or are a professional in the industry already, we invite you to join our group and come to our meetings.
    Together we are more powerful in moving this industry and causing mass adoption, for the realization of a new dimension in which all people are closely connected, the sharing of ideas is free and immediate, and human evolution and the betterment of society happen as a result.

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