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The Law Office of Sweta Khandelwal will host the second monthly event. Our event series invites the Silicon Valley community interested in immigration issues in the US. We will host a topical mixer for our diverse Bay Area international community .

Small countries have a big role to play in this world. Whether a person is from Haiti or Burkina Faso, America has welcomed all! We chose Nepal as a country representative of “small is big and beautiful – with 8 of the top 10 loftiest mountains rising across this small country! Nepal is also a peace loving country of Birth for Buddha which respects diversity- never has there been bloodshed on ethnic and religious lines despite 80 ethnic groups and 123 languages. The Law Office is proud to have hired a Nepali-American, Nilima Singh, who embodies the best of small Nepal and big America, as its first employee some time back. We hope to have some other luminaries from Nepal join us at the event as well.

Whether you support small countries are as beautiful as the big or aspire to climb the many peaks of Nepal or simply believe in the values of peace and Buddha, please join us for this event. Wine, cocktails and light refreshments will be available. All proceeds from the event (tickets, any donations you may want) will be treated as a charitable contribution to xx– a non-profit supporting the cause of Sherpas in Nepal. To know more about the non-profit, please visit www.nonprofit.com

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