Expo East - Baltimore, MD - Free admission until Aug. 2nd, 2019


Expo East - Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, MD - Free admission until Aug. 2nd, 2019

I want to invite you to attend Expo East 2019, Baltimore, MD on September 12th to 15th for Natural Products and Wholesale.

You can attend for FREE if you register early. The webpage is expoeast.com . You must use your business name to attend for FREE unitl August 2nd, 2019, otherwise prices are $300 and up.

At the Expo you can meet Retailers, Suppliers and Wholesalers and in the Food, Ingredients, Organic, Beauty and Health product Industries. They also have a showcase of New Products on the market.

There are social events after Expo hours at the restaurants across the street. The events are Free and have food and drinks.

Remember to visit www.expoeast.com and click "Register".


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