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The Improv Jam is a night of spontaneous, comedic scenes inspired by audience suggestions and performed by experienced improvisers. Every Improv Jam opens with an audience warm-up, and then a quick, high-energy round of speed freeze to loosen everyone up. A featured team of professional improvisers takes the stage, getting suggestions from the audience and promptly blowing everyone's minds for the next 60 minutes. Like like the popular show, Whose Line Is It, Anyway? Finally, audience members and improv performers are brought to the stage for a closing Improv Jam!

What isn't the Improv Jam? It is not a jokey-jokey stand-up comedy show. Nor is it some awkward, amateur open-mic night. And this isn't where you go to yell "poop" or "gynecologist" or "two gay guys in a bar" every time we ask you for a suggestion.

So you want to be an improviser? We encourage anyone who would like to perform to first come to watch the Improv Jam, and then talk with us after the show. Buy us a beer and a burger. Let us know that you're interested in being on stage and that you'd be willing to buy us another beer. We'll give you the run-down on how to sign up for a stage turn the next time out.

That's enough talk, computer screen! Let's face it: we can't convince you like this. Seriously: talking about comedy is like trying to describe the color of a new yogurt flavor from a dream or the effect that a cool breeze has on your swiss cheese sandwich. It's just better to be here for it, in the moment. So, come to the Bucks County Cabaret, inspire our performers with your suggestions and be a part of the most exciting comedy in New Hope - The Improv Jam!

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