What we're about

Here is the workshop that will change your improv, it will slow you down, and make your work shine. Don,t miss out. Even though it,s short notice.

Believability, closeness, and silence Workshop!!!!

Bump up your improv skills to another level. We will focus on going deeper into your acting skills, guiding you through scene work, while bringing awareness to your improv habits. (We all have improv habits) These habits are causing your work to be less believable, less effective, less interesting on stage, and keeping you from expanding your play.

We will work on.....

Training all the elements of playing truthfully in a scene.
Starting with
Location Are you really at a beach, is the sand hot, is there a breeze,can you hear children laughing, do you smell sun tan lotion?

Emotions Are you ever effected in improv scenes, if you don't care about anything, we don't care about you.

Space Object work Do you really see what is in your hands, do you really see what is in your partners hands? We must see it and feel it.

Characters Would your Character really do that? Characters, just like us have many sides, we must be more than just caricatures to archetypes in society.

The more honest you can be, the more you are effected.

Closeness or Intimacy

Intimacy is a very powerful tool and will change how you improvise. If we are going to be believable as improvisors than we have to feel safe enough to show a real married relationships, or young lovers, best friends, or on the other spectrum, people who can't stand being very close to each other.

Through Closeness exercise's you will begin to feel instead of think. You will slow down and do less. You will begin to feel the emotions from your partner which will inspire you to go beyond just quick witty one liners.

We will coach you into a safe place so that you can freely work on being close both physically and emotionally with your fellow player.


And last but not least, we will work on letting the scene breath. Letting silence empower the emotion on stage. Young improvisors talk all the time on stage, which causes them to block any emotion that may be building up inside. The silence in scenes are like the rests in great music. Just as much as the notes played make a song, the silence is what what makes many songs unforgettable.

The workshop will be given by Robert Rodgers from Scratch Theater.

Robert has been improvising for over 20 years, he has studied under Keith Johnstone, True Fiction Magazine, while also training and teaching at Bay Are Theater Sports. He has performed with L.A. Theater sports all around the world. Robert is also in charge of Scratch Theater here in Berlin with an emphasis on Long form improv and storytelling. Scratch Theater was created in 1995 by Robert and for 10 years the group performed Long form improv all around the world. It is 150 euros for the weekend.

The Location is at

The Center

Esmarchstrasse 5

Saturday August 20th, 12pm-6pm
Sunday August 21st, 12pm-6pm

Must have at least 7 students or we will post pone the class to a later date.

This class will have no emphasis on being funny. The comedy will come out of playing the scenes as true as possible.

Please R.S.V.P

Scratch Theater