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This group is for actors of all levels, even those who would like to try it out for the first time, who would like to gain more comfort, confidence and skill on stage. The meet-ups will give the actor the opportunity to learn and practice their craft in a safe, supportive and non-competitive atmosphere.

This is especially for actors who are feeling stuck, intimidated or insecure and who are tired of feeling like they constantly have to prove themselves. If you want to experience the joy of creative exploration while building your performance skills, this is the group for you.



Improv techniques will be used to to help the actor become more spontaneous and to expand their verbal, emotional and physical expression. Many actors who learn improv techniques report feeling more comfortable on stage, less nervous on auditions, and greater ease when creating characters.

Each meet-up will focus on a different aspect of acting: e.g. character creation, emotional expression, relating to your scene partners, relationships, physicality, stage fright, enjoying yourself on stage, and more.


The meet-ups will be lead by Susan K., who has over 25 years of experience as a teacher, performer, director and coach and is currently a faculty member of The Lucy Moses School. Check out this interview with her in the online magazine Salted Scarletry: Spotlight: Susan Kaessinger (

Susan has performed with several improv teams, including performing regularly with her improv group, MIshmash! for five years at The Creek and The Cave theater in Long Island City where she won the 2013 Creek Award for Best Improv. Her blog was nominated for an INNY award from Improvisation News in 2012.



Most improv schools in New York charge an average of $35-50 per class. One of Susan's goals in creating this meetup group is to offer the opportunity to learn improv from a highly experienced teacher to a diverse group of people, for a reasonable price. If $15 is unaffordable for you, please contact Susan to discuss payments.

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