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This group is for anyone interested in learning more about self-expression; communicating better with their fellow human beings; getting over social fears/speaking hangups; growing through challenge and experience; letting go of limitations; thinking faster and more creatively; and learning more about handling random situations in life.

That's pretty broad, but improv actually can help in a lot of ways, plus it's just plain fun. If the self-development side doesn't do it for you, it's for those who are fans of Whose Line or just laughing in general, or theater and/or acting enthusiasts. Improv for Self-Development is about expanding self-awareness by working with others through improv exercises, discussion, creative movement, and whatever other fun suggestions the group wants to pursue.

In other words: This group is about finding other people in San Diego who are creative, fun, expressive, humorous, and playful or would like to develop these attributes in a fun and supportive environment - all types of artists and random individuals are welcome!

Some reassuring thoughts for those who are still on the fence: Our sessions are loosely structured. We are welcoming and supportive. There's no pressure and no criticism (of self or others). We're all beginners/bumblers, and this is not a class. I'm not an improv professional! I'm an amateur like you. We're just here to play, have fun, and grow.

Improv for Self-Development was started in 2013 by someone who had an awesome idea, but unfortunately had to move right after establishing the group (and never had a Meetup). I took over the group in May of 2013, and we've been meeting fairly regularly since then. Here’s what you should know:

- We try to meet every other week.
- We meet Sunday afternoons. During the summer, we meet in the great outdoors and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.
- This is a no-flake group with a 3-strikes rule. The 3-strikes rule for flakes, etc. is strictly enforced.
- Read the FAQ ( and the Policies ( pages. All your questions – including ones you didn’t know you had – are answered there.
- Improv for Self-Development is FREE. It is the you-get-what-you-pay-for-it improv group. If you're looking for a welcoming environment, fun people, creative activities, and something with zero impact on your budget, then we are totally the group for you.

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