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As Monkey Butler improv comedy coach Tom Grimmer reminds us, "Your life is not scripted. You are improvising every day of your life."

Tom was trained in improv comedy at the SAK Comedy Lab in Orlando, Florida, with the Disney World staff, and the now famous improv comedian, Wayne Brady.

The Monkey Butler Denver improv comedians (http://www.monkeybutlerdenver.com/) have taken the lead on this Improv Comedians' Meetup group's website. Their weekly Thursday 7-9 PM workshops are a mix of beginner, intermediate and advanced improv comedy performers. Monkey Butler's intermediate and advanced level performers are available for hire (http://www.monkeybutlerdenver.com/hire-us/) at special events. Their mixed beginner, intermediate and advanced performers continue to perform at community service events.

Tim Cress (Diver Tim), founder of Monkey Butler Denver, is an pastor, actor, improv comedy coach, and most especially an ocean-loving scuba diver, with his beautiful multitalented wife and 2 children. Thanks to the support of his LifeSource Adventist Fellowship (http://lafdenver.org) (LAF), since 2010, Tim has nurtured Monkey Butler Denver into being since it expanded from its Los Angeles, California beginnings.

Most the the Monkey Butler Denver group news is shared on their group Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/monkeybutlerdenver/members/).

As a member of this Improv Comedians group on Meetup, even if you're not with Monkey Butler, you are welcome to post and host your own choice of improv comedy events throughout the Denver metro area.

Our Improv Comedians group's primary sponsors are Monkey Butler Denver (http://www.monkeybutlerdenver.com/hire-us/) and the TopicTalkWalks.com (http://www.Meetup.com/TTWalks) (TTWalks). TTWalks is a free walking conversation Meetup group, with science edutainment "Journey from Nature to Science" themes. Fran Rew, who is an Improv comedian (always beginner level), is a co-organizer and co-sponsor of both Improv Comedians and TTWalks.

In 2008, TTWalks' free family friendly walking conversations began by exploring improv comedy. In 2017, the birth of a new free walking improv comedy game began it's co-creation as a part of Monkey Butler's free weekly workshops. This improv baby is an intentional improv science "Only Questions" game for ages 3 to 93. Topic-Talk Walks (TTWalks) (https://www.meetup.com/TTWalks/events/240451145/) began co-creating this game, in order to introduce this game as a part of TTWalks' free monthly science edutainment experiences from August to October, on the theme of "Forests."





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