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Calling all Love Enthusiasts and singles who believe in fate...

Want to learn how to calculate numerology, read charts to see when are your best years to harness the universal love energy into your life and grab the opportunities (including meeting someone / get married) in your life.

All those looking for true love, those wanting to deepen their existing love bonds, those wanting to learn when they have the opportunities to meet the opposite sex will learn the Metaphysical languages of LOVE from the ancient sages!

Our objective of our events is to leverage the force of the Universal Love Energy to your life! May the LOVE force be with you!

Sounds interesting? Join us at our upcoming events!

Short Description: This is a group for fabulous single people with like minded to learn and understand their own strength and weakness of their birth chart in terms of relationship.

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General and Romance Luck 2017

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Tarot Love Reading

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Life Gua Compatibility Speed Dating

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