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This group is intended for those who want to experience the world and share their knowledge with other like-minded travelers. It is primarily a social group that has been successful in Vancouver and one of our regulars, Nathan, has relocated to Calgary and is excited to introduce our concept there.

We have created a Facebook group to share everyone’s knowledge, recommendations and passion for travelling

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The leadership team look forward to supporting Nathan with this group in the Calgary area and most importantly to see you in fascinating places in our world including Mexico City, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Bali, and many more.

Happy travels,


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This is a meetup for travelers of all ages, budgets, and travel styles. We're an informal group that seeks to help and inspire each other no matter the destination. If you have a location in mind, are seeking a buddy to join you on an adventure, have been to many places, or are just looking for ideas, you'll get something from this meetup. I look forward to seeing you all there.

Bali - Island of the Gods —Group Trip

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These trips are for all levels and styles of travelers so come to 1 of our meetups to get more details . If you are a new or inexperience traveler we can help with Planning, Packing, Safety, Tech stuff or any other questions you may have . This is also for people who don't like travelling alone but still want someone to have dinner and a drink with at the end of the day and for people who don't want to pay tour prices and have flexibility of their days. Myfunkytravel does very accurate backpacker costs for most countries. They have just posted Indonesia - $25 US /day budget backpacker, $40 US/day for higher comfort level (private room etc.) Gloria (Vancouver Group) is definitely going on this trip as she always takes a 2-3 month trip in the winter. She has booked her flights and accommodations yet but when she does , we will update the event . UPDATED AUG 28 I will be at Raka House Ubud Dec. 28th until Jan 6th. Then moving to Wikabali Beach House Jimbaran Beach for Jan 6 - 11. THOSE ARE CONFIRMED I'm going to stay in Bali for another week or so but not set as my rough plan is the last 2 weeks of January will be Brunei and Malayasia until Feb 1. I will then return to Bali for a month. UPDATED SEPT 17 BALI TICKET BOOKED I decided to go to Bali before the rest of the group. I have not been there and wanted to check out things to do, and also have a rest before everyone arrives. Got an ideal ticket - Vancouver to Shanghai, 15 hour layover in Shanghai (sleep and shower) and then on to Bali via Beijing. I leave here Dec. 11 and will return end of Feb. Ticket cost $677.95 flying China Eastern Update oct 16 Dec. 13 my flight arrives in Bali at midnight Some people will arrive between then and the 28th Dec. 28 Most of the group will arrive Jan 12 Most of the group will leave Jan 21 Fly to Brunei ($200) Jan 22/ 23 Brunei Jan 24 Bus to Kota Kinabalu ( 7 hours) Jan 25/ 26 Kota Kinabalu Jan 27 Bus to Sandakan Jan 28/29/30 Sandakan Jan 31 Fly Sandakan to Bali ($200) Feb in Bali - Gili Islands diving, Lombok, Nusa Penida ( no set plans yet) Feb 29th My flight leaves for Vancouver You can find us on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/143692696335490

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