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The group – In Virtualis – is intended for researchers, engineers, start-ups and others that have a need for or interest in powerful "Virtual Labs and Cyber-Tools" for advanced R&D and innovation, but anybody interested in virtual environments, VR, AR, AI, ML technologies and High Performance Computing is welcome to join the group. We plan to have several meetups and symposia every year, with a desired rate of one event per quarter.

In Virtualis addresses a brave new world of virtual environments for research, development, experimenting, learning and engineering that complement and accelerate existing "In Vitro" and "In Vivo" experimentation, research and development.

Experimenting and R&D “In Vivo” – in real life – is not always possible initially, especially in pharmaceuticals, bio-medicine, Nano-technology or in other areas where the actual environment is not easy or available (like experimenting with complete city facilities to test smart-city functionality, or with classrooms in teaching alternative teaching technologies etc.). So, we have “In Vitro” – which actually means in the glass or in vial – which is experimenting in a physical lab (often called a "wet lab" in areas like biology and chemistry) before we go to the step of real-life trials. But "In Vitro" does not always cover all R&D needs either.

Today, computers are fully capable of giving us cyber-tools for both lab and real-life experimentation and realization, complementing "In Vivo" and "In Vitro" approaches using powerful virtual computational environments and creating virtual labs with many advantages like reducing material costs, reducing risks, facilitating access to full "labs" without delays and additional costs, reducing experimentation time etc. Such virtual environments/tools or virtual labs and their application areas are what we will be focusing upon in this group.

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Smart Mobility: A sub-project of SMACS (Smart City Simulation)
In Virtualis: Virtual Labs & Intelligent Cyber Tools in High Performance Cloud

Forskningsparken - Oslo Science Park

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