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What Really Matters - International speaker Jimmy Nilsson

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What Really Matters - International speaker Jimmy Nilsson


Jimmy Nilsson - What really matters

Over the years we have learnt the hard way that there are a lot of important aspects in software development initiatives. Project management, user experience and operational details are examples of such aspects. They are necessary. However, they are not sufficient.

In this presentation, Jimmy will discuss what really matters. Domain-Driven Design is very important to him, so it should come as no surprise that he believes deep collaboration with the domain experts to be one of the most important things to do and master. He'll delve into this in ways you probably haven't tried yet. Furthermore, he will discuss five other musts for reaching excellency.

Jimmy has been a DDD-practitioner for quite some time and 2006 his second book called “Applying Domain Driven Design and Patterns” was published. He has been in the industry for thirty years, is a founder and a consultant of factor10 and spend most of his time helping their clients to take leaps to fulfilling their “why”.

Venue is Workshop 17 The Harrington.

Time: 5:30pm for 6pm start.

Drinks and snacks sponsored by Haefele Software

(Please put up your hand if you have a topic to share, we need future speakers!)

RSVP required, as this meetup will fill up fast - this is a great opportunity to hear from a highly respected international DDD voice, and meet other DDD users!

50 Harrington St · Cape Town, WC
11 spots left