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Want personal growth that is fun? Want community which is both nurturing and challenging as it playfully explores ways to enhance each other and improve the world? Then InSpired Focus meetups are for you!

We play with ideas, and as each is able, we play with each other (at various levels of challenge) to embody those ideas…and besides, it’s fun! In this group, discover how play and reflection (mixed with mindfulness techniques and ideas from clinical and sports psychology) can help...

• Spark insights for your life (play and sport metaphors or “sportaphors”!)

• Build “inspired focus” (mindfulness techniques which include emotional focus and understanding for life)

• “Get in the ZONE” of peak performance (the same skills athletes use)

Make sense of feelings to better deal with…

• Anger and stress management

• Depression and anxiety

• Relationships and addiction

Play is interactive, sometimes sports-like, always explained and voluntary, can be low to high energy, and is adapted to each group. Reflection is creative and can include writing, art, sand trays, possibly even musical expressions, and is shared only as you are comfortable. Events will specify a topic and will invite a diverse crowd so we learn from the world as it is.

Very occasionally families might be invited in or the same skills and ideas get extended into a retreat or into an “Adventure Retreat” (e.g., backpacking, white water rafting, ropes courses, etc.).

The events are led primarily by me, Gary Schapper, Marriage Family Therapist (MFC 52939) and sport psychology consultant (occasionally led with or by other professionals).

Primarily to cover the high cost of facility rentals a fee of $20 will usually be charged for each playshop, a value when you consider the input and materials you’ll be getting from a licensed professional. Some form of snacks and drinks will be included.

For an adult play therapy group which uses the same methods but, as a psychotherapy group, is more in-depth and personal in helping you to grow, visit www.inspiredfocuscounseling.com (http://www.inspiredfocuscounseling.com/). There you will also find more info about me and about the individual, couples, and family counseling which I offer. Also feel free to text/call me at 310.469.1586.

I look forward to playing and reflecting with you…for a better you, for a better world!


Licensed Marriage Family Therapist (MFC 52939)
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