What we're about

Inclusitivi-DnD aims to include and introduce women, queer folks, disabled folks, and people of color to the wonderful world of tabletop gaming.


We mainly play D&D 5e but we also play other TTRPGs like dungeon world, monster of the week, masks, etc.


Membership requirements

You must be a part of one of the following groups of people:

NB folks
Queer folks
Disabled folks (any type of disability)
People of color (any orientation, gender, or identity)


To keep the space safe and inclusive we have a few rules:

Bigotry of any kind will NOT be tolerated. Period. Depending on the severity you may be immediately asked to leave and kicked out of the group.

Spaces are, by design, limited. Please don't RSVP if you aren't 100% sure you can commit to a full session of gaming.

Anti Harassment Policy:

Inclusitivi-DnD has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for harassment of any kind, including but not limited to:



Offensive Verbal Comments

Physical Assault And/Or Battery


Non-Consensual Photography Or Recording

Bathroom Policing

Inappropriate Physical Contact

Unwelcome Physical Attention

Hate Symbols

Disruptive Behavior

In relation, but not limited to:



National Origin


Gender Identity

Gender Presentation

Sexual Orientation


Body Size






Any harassment reported to or noticed by organizers will receive immediate action up to and including removal from the event and group.

Anyone at any time may report harassment and or bigotry. Simply message Dakota, the organizer, explaining what happened to the best of your ability.


Interested in becoming a host? Please fill out this form: https://goo.gl/forms/djbgE7LMEiIlUD202

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D&D for Beginners

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