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Thursdays Inclusive Yoga - All bodies, genders & sexualities
* Everyone get's 15% on food or drinks after class!!! Love Shack has some incredible vegan hot chocolates perfects for these cold winter nights. Come and stretch on Thursday's, at an awesome Community Cafe/Venue on Cambridge Heath (with Hackney Road). End the day with a fair amount of fun exploring between movement and breath. Everyone is encouraged to try, play and join an open environment. This is for you if you are: A person of colour or other ethnicity; Size Plus, Trans, Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Asexual, Intersex and a supporter or friend. We welcome every body! The Yoga sequences are Open Level and include playful movement exercises as well as breath and mindfulness techniques. The class is taught by Vee, a Queer, non-binary, yogi, designer and general conscious individual who wishes to make Yoga inclusive and diverse.

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What we're about

Weekly Yoga & Movement classes, as well as bi-weekly workshops and talks, from mindfulness techniques to scientific research. Join us to shift unaffordable wellbeing and fitness and disrupt through fixed and confined mindsets, moving the body across its full range and exploring its incredible capacities, as well as expanding knowledge and develop community.

Inclusive Yoga & Movement
Vee's practice is largely a vinyasa flow, but because she's a creative there's a fun element to every class she designs. The flows are inclusive of everyone, achievable, can sometimes include partner work to foster togetherness and community. Each class is creatively designed around a story.

The idea is to create a space where inclusivity and community are at the core. From her own experience, Vee noticed the lack of diversity and affordability of wellbeing and fitness offerings which are barriers that keep people from other identities and minorities from benefiting also. These minorities feel self conscious and like they don't fit in, despite wanting to go for a stretch just as much!

We want to welcome Every body! This is a friendly place that brings recognition and support to body shaming issues, people of colour and other ethnicities, size plus people, transgender and non-binary people, queer, gay, lesbian, bisexual, asexual, intersex, artists, poets, practitioners, and friends.

We want to celebrate diversity and nurture all the shapes, all the colours and all minds. We want to help build confidence and wellbeing in a welcoming environment. And lastly we want to connect people to themselves and their peers with kindness and respect.

Vee’s relationship with Yoga started years ago way before she could remotely connect it to a means of unlocking balance and wellbeing. It begun as a way to getting fitter at a time most of her daily hours were spent sat in front of a computer. But as the years went on, the pressure felt as an expat, queer, creative non-binary in a big city started to have a bigger impact in her life. She didn’t feel she fitted anywhere in particular, which caused her to find it hard navigating mainstream social circles. This increased isolation and took a big toll on her mental and physical health. Shame, body issues and depression to name a few of the struggles.

Her path to self acceptance took many shapes, from various forms of support groups, medication, therapy to Buddhist meetings, etc. All of which contributed to the start of a real wish to living a wholesome life, but it was Yoga that validated her desires and consolidated her humanity. Yoga has given her a tool to deal with her inner monsters, accept herself, accept others and become an independent, responsible and self reliant person.

Vee's tattoos, piercings and creative leanings don't match mainstream Yoga culture, neither her Yoga practice, which is fluid, creative and playful. She wants to welcome every body to stretch, get moving, learn mindfulness techniques, and passing on what she's learnt along the years, as well as learning back from whoever she shares her practice with.

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