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I'm not afraid of any 'competition'. I see lots of business, for everyone. It can be tricky & expensive to advertise to get it but we could even do that together. Besides, we may only have 'supportable' products for as little as 5 more years (think there'll be much business supporting 'iPads or iPhones?). I'd like to share tips and tricks with other tech's. If we do our jobs as efficiently and consistently as possible, we'll give better, less expensive and more constant service. That will give our whole industry a better image/reputation and promote our service in a happy cycle. We could create common training, certification, logo, and marketing that we can just add to whatever site or advertising we're already doing. We could form temporary or permanent, real or virtual companies to take on larger and more complex jobs. We might all enjoy going to a pub or something while were at it. I 'm looking for tech's who like what they do and are decent at it. Who make all or most of their income from their own clients, and want to grow their business in quality and quantity.

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