What we're about

The Independent Party of Arizona has not been recognized by the State, yet. In 2018, the goal of this group and IndependenceArizona.com (http://independencearizona.com) is to register the Independent Party of Arizona as a legal entity and recognized Party with the State of Arizona. We're sure to engage other things as well in process.

Citizen involvement is critical. If we don't stand for something, we generally fall for about anything. The two-party system has been ineffective in handling Arizonan's needs. Collaboration is key to solving any problem, let alone many. People - YOU - make the difference.

Our Platform?

Making Sense Common...what does that mean? When all the biased, personal and corporate profit-driven agendas fall away, what truly needs to be done emerges… and the truth shall become self-evident. This self-evident agenda is our mission to discover. There is no ego without wego.

We invite political activists who want to support and/or volunteer to help make this goal a reality. We will need coordinators state-wide for each county for the collection of signatures. A simple breakdown of the numbers necessary (by % of registered voters) is on the IndependenceArizona.com (http://independencearizona.com) website.

We need volunteers to coordinate meetup groups in each county. This is a perfect opportunity for those who've thought about getting involved with political action, but not sure how. This is a grassroots effort that will grow into a substantial contributing organization in the future of Arizonans.

Would you like to be a part of determining the future of Arizona?

Individually, that is a challenge. Collectively, our numbers can be a powerful force in local and state actions, changes and sustainability for the future. This is your chance to be part of change.

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Celebrate Our Independence!

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Celebrate Our Independence!

Needs a location

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