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Starting a Movement - Registering the Independent Party of Arizona Are you fed up with how things have been going for Arizona politically? Would you like to do something about it, with the help of others? Are you ready to step up for the future or your State?

Thomas Frey is the Executive Director and Founding Futurist of the DaVinci Institute, a futurist think tank dedicated to reinventing the world. His papers and articles about his work have been published in such notable publications as Forbes Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Futurist Magazine, Chicago Tribune, Rocky Mountain News, Oakland Tribune, Denver Business Journal, and many more. As a former IBM engineer, Tom received more awards than any other engineer. He is an internationally recognized futurist, designer, author, entrepreneur, and public speaker. His specialty is the future of technology and its impact on business and society.

Frey's Formula: (full explanation: http://independencearizona.com/creating-movement)
1. Establish the Need.
2. Naming.
3. Credibility Building.
4. Revenue Streams.
5. Participation.
6. PHP Nuke.
7. Finding Partners.
8. Branding.
9. Creating Disciples.
10. Establish Yourself as the Expert.
11. Be Relentless.
12. Make it Fun

This is the first meeting of 2018. Please come with the intention of collaboration toward accomplishing an action plan to garner 24,000 signatures by April 1, 2018. This is an aggressive goal. Achievement begins with your willingness to join in.

Our agenda: Get the Independent Party Recognized

We've aligned with the Independent Candidate for Governor's camp to move forward with a solid infrastructure and intelligence beyond common. We are all seasoned professionals with a passion for doing the right things and standing out as people of ethical integrity, making sense common for the future of Arizonans. Collaboration is key in the 21st century for challenging the status quo together to address the economy, education, energy, environment, health care, veterans and our sustainability.

Begin Coordinating the First Independent Party Convention

• Discuss Goal Achievement Options
• 24,000 Signatures by April 1, 2018
• Determine Plan
• Create specific plan for carrying out the actions to achieve goal
• Assign Actions
• As much as possible, assign and/or volunteer for roles of implementation

See website for more information: IndependenceArizona.com (http://independencearizona.com)

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