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Hello and thank you for having interest in this group. This is a group that helps people from Japan connect with people in Bangalore. I think this would be an amazing opportunity to meet both groups of people and have a great time.

If you are interested in Japan, you can talk to Japanese people about Japan. Also, people can share about Indian culture and tell us about their experiences. For people that want to learn Japanese, English or whatever language is, we do language exchange as well! Sometimes we organize events involving Karaoke, movie screenings, games and sports to get to know each other better.

So, looking forward to see you meet and learn Japanese with us. Motivation is the key!

Please join this group if you are living in Bangalore, New Delhi, Darjeeling/Siliguri and are interested in cultural exchange.

We're looking forward to seeing you!

Best Regards,

Organizers and Co-Organizers

(India Meets Japan)


Hello everyone,

It’s been long time since our team has posted something here, and we am really glad to see 650+ people in Bangalore who are interested in Japan.

We organizers have decided to rebrand the group from “Bangalore Meets Japan” to “India meets Japan”.

Why have we decided to change the name?

The group was started by Kakeru san one year back with the primary objective of meeting people who are interested in Japan. Soon enough Kakeru san realized there are many people who want to know about Japan in India!

So, gradually people started joining the group and people who joined got plenty of chances to meet Japanese people and interact with them. The group has continued growing since then.

As a part of feedback and interest from the people, the group has decided to expand to Delhi and Darjeelin/Siliguri. The group will now be conducting events in 3 locations across India. Please do share this with your friends who would be interested to attend the events.

We really appreciate everyone in this group again and special thanks to Vishal san, Munehiro san, Naveen San for taking the lead in Bangalore.

Hope you get more chances to know about Japan and enjoy through this group!

Thank you!

June 12th 2019

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Dialogues Koramangala

Japanese Cultural Exchange Meetup - Bangalore Meets Japan

Dialogues Koramangala

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