What we're about

A social group for South Asian young professionals, looking to make friends, searching for a significant other or trying to expand their existing network. Get ready for happy hours, potlucks, hikes, dinners, game nights, wine tastings, Bollywood nights, weekend trips, kayaking, beach days, and bowling to name a few.

Group Rules:

1. Please do not be creepy. Members who are reported as bothering other members will be banned. Only message other members if you have met in person. Especially members of the opposite sex.

2. Keep you RSVPs up to date. This is common courtesy. Otherwise you will be marked as a no-show. Three no-shows and you will be removed from the group.

3. Please only post group related messages in the discussion box. No outside promotions.

If you have any suggestions for events please feel free to message me or post in discussions. And if you are interested in becoming an organizer please contact me and we can discuss further.

Upcoming events (2)

Become an event organizer! (This is not an in person event)

If you wish to become an Organizer for this group RSVP'ing here shows your agreement with the group rules for posting. Best Practices or the rules simplified. 1) No Emailing and no using the "discussion" box 2) No outside links 3) All events are Hosted. There are no "no host" events. 4) Minimum 2 weeks notice for maximum attendance 5) No Shows 6) Make everyone feel welcome 7) List any money costs in the first 2 or 3 lines. 8) Special note about Repeat Events *** PUT THE CITY OR AREA WHERE THE EVENT WILL TAKE PLACE IN THE TITLE. PLEASE POST AT LEAST 2 WEEKS IN ADVANCE IF POSSIBLE 1) No Emailing AND No Discussion Box The one BIG BIG rule I have is NOBODY messages the general membership via the email feature. Post the event and let Meetup send out all the notices. 2) No Outside links: Do not just put a Facebook link. Copy all the wording and put the words. If you can't even take the time to put in the words . . . people will see that and not even take time to click a link. Link's are lazy and instead of giving doing the work to write it for them to read the info you are telling to do work that you did not do and click something to find the info. You want them to click the RSVP. So don't give any other option that may lead them away from the page with the RSVP button. 3) Meetup does not allow "No Host" events. You will be there and present. You will welcome and make sure people can find you or the meetup area. And that people will be able to actually be able to meet others from meetup. 4) Minimum 2 weeks notice before an event Less notice is less eyes that will see it. More notice will always get you more RSVPs. 5) Members must keep their RSVPs up to date. If they don't show up to the event please mark them as a no-show. Three no-shows and they will be removed from the group. 6) Please make everyone feel welcome! We want everyone to feel like a part of the group. And they are more likely to come back this way. 7) List money costs in the first few lines. This has to do with email notices. The email version of the event sends the first few lines of the writeup. If it's free, . . .say it's free. If it costs . . . say it early so people have the info. 8) Events can repeat , but do NOT use the auto-scheduling feature. When your event occurs log on and list it again. The Auto-pilot is a problem as people forget they listed. They don't show up and people do. The complaints end up being filed against the group and not the organizer that bailed. If you use the "repeat" feature it will be edited and the future ones edited off. By RSVPing to this event you are agreeing to the rules of becoming an organizer.

Girls night out

Paper Plane

This is for girls in the group, let’s get to know each other and have nice drinks and talk :) what could be better than this 💃

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New Members Dinner - Thai Food

Rama V