Potato Creek State Park-Nature Center-Walk and Bike

Indiana Volkssport Walking Meetup
Indiana Volkssport Walking Meetup
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Potato Creek State Park- Nature Center

25601 State Road 4, North Liberty, IN · North Liberty, IN

How to find us

At the intersection of US 31 and SR 4 take the SR 4 exit westbound onto SR 4. Follow the sign to Potato Creek State Park. Upon entering the park follow the signs to the Nature Center. Upon arrival at the Nature Center look for the IVV banner.


Walkers can do either a 5 ,10, or 15 K walk and we are also adding a 11 K bike event. The walk routes make use of the Park's existing trail system, which meanders over mostly flat and through mostly forested areas. Two inclines of significance may be encountered on the two longest routes. The bike route makes use of the Park's existing bike trail, which is paved and meanders through mostly flat and forested areas. You must bring your own bike. Minor inclines may be encountered. You will find more detailed information regarding these events at the AVA walk link (http://clubs.ava.org/gen3/data/event_details.asp?eventid=113827) You may start the walk anytime between 8:00 AM and 1:00 PM. There may be a group walk at 10:00 AM You can walk at your pace and the idea is to enjoy the beauty of the park, get some exercise and meet new people. A 5K walk is about 3 miles, 10K is about 6 miles and 15 K is about 9.6 miles. There is no problem if you walk a shorter (or longer) distance. It will speed up the registration process (but is not necessary), if you bring two peel-off address labels