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The goal of Indianapolis Buddhist Meditation Retreats (IBMR) is to provide teachings and support for Buddhist practice. Thursday meetups are for everyone: a 30-minute meditation, a dhamma talk or some other teaching program, and ending with sharing about our practice and questions and answers.

More advanced practitioners are invited to Pariyatti for classes on concepts and practice. Extended no-frills meditation practice will be offered weekly, longer residential retreats for those wanting to deepen mindfulness and concentration.

We recognize that people’s needs vary widely so will attempt to provide teachings and support to benefit where we are in our interest, commitment, and practice experience.

Thursday meetups are held at All Souls Church that provide facilities without charging us. Dana or voluntary donations on First Thursdays will be donated to the church in gratefulness for their generosity; on Third Thursdays, dana will fund IBMR’s programs that cost to organize, and scholarships for those in need of financial assistance to participate.

Thursday meetups are free. Other events may require a registration fee. See details for each one.

RSVP is encouraged but not required for attending Thursday meetups. Just show up if your schedule changes and you are able to come and join us.

For other events, RSVP may be required. Please check descriptions of each event for information.

Upcoming events (5+)

Two-Night New Year Residential Retreat: Developing Quiet and Clarity

Benedict Inn Retreat & Conference Center

Our first New Year teacher-led Weekend Retreat with accomodations for sleeping and breakfast is for two nights, from Friday, January 18, Friday at 7 pm to Sunday at 12 noon. Registration opens at 6 pm Friday. Participants are encouraged to come earlier if you have time, secure your room, make sure everything works fine, walk around the campus and begin to still the mind. Meals: There will be no supper served both nights but participants can bring food to eat on their own. Those who can fast after noon are encouraged to try this traditional Buddhist practice. Continental or hot breakfast will be served Saturday and Sunday morning, lunch on Saturday. If we don’t have enough attendees, we can’t order hot meals just for our group. Meals shall be silent and mindful. Because of the food constraint, participants have to make sure their physical health will tolerate fasting or taking a light supper. The retreat is open to anyone willing to commit to staying for the whole period of the retreat. Be aware that retreats can be difficult for those with little practice time but difficulty can also result in a more profound experience. Participants shall be asked to take the Five Training Precepts including Silence, with completely no communication with anyone outside or inside the retreat except with the teacher. If you need to stay in contact with family or anyone during the retreat hours as posted above, please consider taking another retreat. Training shall be in the Nikaya Early Buddhist tradition based on the Pali canon and Zen but will be geared for the modern trainee in language and training tools. Reading, writing, and the use of electronic devices during the retreat (other than for checking time) are discouraged. Teacher: Orlando Gustilo has over 30 years experience in psychodynamic psychiatry and Buddhist meditation practice. He started in the Zen tradition in 1985 until he sat with Ruth Denison at IMS in 1986. He has taught and led retreats since 2014, leading the monthly 2nd Saturday Sangha Retreats at All Souls since 2015. Retreat Fees: IBMR's retreat fees are on a sliding scale. This allows participants to pay according to individual means. There are five rates: Benefactor, Sustaining, Mid, Base and Scholarship. Base does not cover IBMR's cost but is subsidized by those able to pay more. Mid is IBMR's cost without overhead expenses like office supplies, promotional materials, volunteer time, meetup fees, etc. Sustaining is IBMR's actual cost. Benefactor provides opportunity to show appreciation and support the IBMR's vision for Dhamma practice. Scholarships are need-based, the amount dependent on meet-up member dana and donations, and must be applied for to Cindy Brown prior to registration. For this retreat, fees are as follows: Base - $160, $200, $230, $260. These are for Double Occupancy rooms. To request Single Occupancy, add $35 to your chosen rate. This is subject to availability, and on a first-come-first-served basis. $25 deposit can reserve your room but payment in full has to be made by January 16th at 9PM. One-night retreat is available on either Friday or Saturday, both starting at 7 pm and ending before lunch at noon the following day. Fee is half the rates quoted above. If you cannot meet the deadline for paying your registration fee, please contact the retreat manager, Cindy Brown. You may also contact her to apply for available scholarship. Please send cash or checks made out to the Retreat Manager, Cindy Brown at: 8865 Westfield Blvd, Indianapolis, IN 46240. You may contact her at: [masked]. You may also hand her the cash or check at a meet-up. Refunds: The entire fee is refunded minus $50 if cancellation is made 4 weeks or more before the scheduled retreat. No refunds after 4 weeks except for medical emergencies. Teacher Dana. Fee does NOT include dana for the teacher. Traditionally, Buddhist teachings are given freely, the community expressing their gratitude and appreciation of the value of the teachings by supporting teachers.

Pariyatti - Emptiness and the Heart Sutra

The Hatch

We'll continue the discussion we started last week when we didn't get to discuss the 2 versions of the Heart Sutra, linking the Chan and Vajrayana teachings with the Pali-based teachings. Bob Thurman's video teachings will also feature again. His presentations are not limited to shunyata and often add unique insights into the main corpus of Buddhadhamma. The Pariyatti series is offered for a suggested donation of $20 per meeting, $50 for all meetings of the month contracted on the First Tuesday. Please make arrangements with the teacher if you are unable to make the donation or if you start attending after the first Tuesday of the month. Scholarships are available. The series is open for anyone to attend. Discussion is active and practice-focused. The class begins with a 20-minute meditation. RSVP is required. Please change your status should your schedule change.

Saturday Sangha at The Hatch

The Hatch

Sangha in modern Buddhist practice is a community of practitioners who meet regularly to inspire and support practice, and where, when needed, teachings and guidance are available. Every Saturday we'll meet for 3 hours sitting and walking meditation. No dhamma talk but, if needed, meditation instruction is available. We end at 3:45 for a practice-related sangha discussion. If you are needed to stay in touch with others between 1:00 and 4:00 pm or are unable to stay the whole time, please consider coming to another retreat. No registration fee. Dana or voluntary donation for the teachings is welcome. RSVP is requested.

Fifth Thursday: Taking Refuge in.... 2019!

All Souls Unitarian Church

Sharon Zollman is giving tonight’s talk and leading the discussion following the talk: “We will discuss what the three refuges are at a high level and what the original teaching was. We'll take a look at each the three separately from the perspective of different traditions as seems appropriate and we will discuss what it means to 'take refuge' in the 21st century and in our daily practice.” Thursday meetups are held at All Souls Church that provide facilities without charging us. Fifth Thursday dana will go to IBMR to help with operating expenses, like facility rentals, organizer fees, etc. Dana also funds scholarships for those unable to afford retreats and other events with cost. Your generosity helps. The meet-up ends at 8:30, to be followed by Sangha Fellowship until 8:45 (we have to be out of the church by 9 PM). Donations of snack and/or drinks are welcome. This provides opportunity for attendees to enjoy each other’s company, share life events, and get to know other IBMR members. Thursday meetups are free. Other events may require a registration fee. See details for each one. RSVP is encouraged but not required for attending Thursday meetups. Just show up if your schedule changes and you are able to come and join us. For other events, RSVP may be required. Please check descriptions of each event for information.

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Third Thursday: Your Piece of the Pie

All Souls Unitarian Church

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