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Pariyatti - Burmese Buddhist Teachers, the Birth of Vipassana
Pariyatti is the study of Dhamma, of the conceptual and historical foundations of Buddhist practice. The approach is scholarly and humanistic, the method the study of primary sources like suttas and sutras and commentaries by teachers up to the early years of the 20th century. We’ll supplement text study with videos and lecture and participant discussion. The Pariyatti series is offered for a suggested donation of $20 per meeting, $50 for all meetings of the month contracted on the First Tuesday. Please make arrangements with the teacher if you are unable to make the donation or if you start attending after the first Tuesday of the month. Starting in June, the series is open to anyone to attend. It is strongly suggested that participants know the basic teachings in Buddhism. I recommend reading Walpola Rahula’s What the Buddha Taught. Discussion is active and practice-focused. To be fair to all participants the teacher won’t spend discussion time explaining basic concepts like dukkha, the Four Noble Truths, karma, etc but the teaching and discussion can further your understanding of these concepts. If not sure if this is right for you, message Orlando. RSVP is required.

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A meetup for people interested in Buddhist meditation practice who desire regular group and/or teacher support for daily practice. Teachings are mainly in the Theravadan, Secular Buddhist and Zen traditions but we're open to other practice traditions and invite teachers and speakers from these traditions to periodically share their insights and experience with the group.

We also offer more intensive training in the form of day-long, weekend retreats or retreats of longer duration in a safe, friendly, and supportive environment as well as other events that help members study, practice and realize Buddhist teachings e.g. monk and non-monk teaching events, book and movie discussions, fasting, mindful walking, dana, etc.

Retreats are in the Theravadan IMS tradition or the tradition of the retreat leader. Retreat participants are advised to take their decision to participate seriously. Participation usually requires us to cut off communication with the outside world including families and work and undertake the Training Precepts the duration of the retreat.

For regular meet-ups, we welcome everyone - beginners to advanced meditators as well as the merely curious. We are a participant-driven meet-up and encourage everyone to actively shape our activities and group objectives.

May all beings be happy, peaceful, and free from suffering!

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