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Sit for Six: IBMR's Meditation Challenge

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Every week on Monday until May 13, 2019

All Souls Unitarian Church

5805 E 56th St · Indianapolis

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No attendance requirement for this six week event.

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Welcome to Indianapolis Buddhist Meditation Retreat's meditation challenge, Sit for Six. For six weeks, IBMR will either help you get started in a meditation practice or support your pre-existing practice. In order to fully take advantage of the support offered, you will need to follow us on Facebook. You may either join our page if you haven't done so already, or type #sitforsix in the search box at the top of your FB page to see challenge related posts. Each day something will be added by either Sharon or Cindy, assistant organizers at IBMR, to the IBMR Facebook page.

Briefly, there are no attendance requirements. You don't need to commit to the challenge anywhere but in your heart. The challenge runs from Saturday, April 6th until Saturday, May 18th. During this time, we would like participants to commit-to-sit. How often and for how long is up to you. Instructions on meditation will be available on our FB page. If you would like more information, Youtube and the internet are loaded with videos and instructional articles and books.

Find us on Facebook and join in! This "meetup announcement" will be posted weekly as a reminder of Sit for Six the duration of the challenge.
Members are encouraged to attend a Meetup during Sit for Six and pick up a wristband or two (pictured above). This red-band will help you remember your commitment and provide a reminder that happiness, peace and presence can be obtained right here, right now in this very moment. Meditation practice spills over from the time spent on the cushion into "real life."

RSVP's aren't necessary for this meditation event. This is just an announement of an event. There is no actual Meetup.

On Saturday, May 25th, we will hold an end of challenge Indian cooking class and get-together at All Souls. Our favorite Indian cook, Nirmala, will offer instructions on preparing and cooking home-style Indian food. Dinner will be served. There maybe a few of you who remember what a great time we had at Nirmala’s last class. This event is free to SXS participants. Space permitting, friends and family members may be able to attend. For further information, go to our Facebook page, “Indianapolis Buddhist Meditation Retreats.”