Third Thursday: The Buddha’s Threefold Training (Trisikkhā)

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Every 3rd Thursday of the month

All Souls Unitarian Church

5805 E 56th St · Indianapolis

How to find us

Room 4, up the stairs on your left when you enter the front door to the church, on your right after the men’s rest room

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The goal of Indianapolis Buddhist Meditation Retreats (IBMR) is to provide teachings and support for Buddhist practice. Thursday meetups are for everyone: a 30-minute meditation, a dhamma talk or some other teaching program, and ending with sharing about our practice and questions and answers.

More advanced practitioners are invited to Pariyatti for classes on concepts and practice. Extended no-frills meditation practice will be offered weekly, longer residential retreats for those wanting to deepen mindfulness and concentration.

We recognize that people’s needs vary widely so will attempt to provide teachings and support to benefit where we are in our interest, commitment, and practice experience.

Thursday meetups are held at All Souls Church that provide facilities without charging us. Dana or voluntary donations on First Thursdays will be donated to the church in gratefulness for their generosity; on Third Thursdays, dana will fund IBMR’s programs that cost to organize, and scholarships for those in need of financial assistance to participate.

Thursday meetups are free. Other events may require a registration fee. See details for each one.

RSVP is encouraged but not required for attending Thursday meetups. Just show up if your schedule changes and you are able to come and join us.

Long-time Buddhist student and practitioner Ryan Hardly is giving the Dhamma Talk on Dec. 20. The Buddha taught a path of practice that leads to liberation from dukkha consisting of three areas: sīla (taking actions that cause no harm to self or other), samādhi (settling the mind and achieving clarity of awareness), and paññā (understanding the mind and how it works). He will discuss these three areas, and how they relate to and support each other.