Monthly Practice Change

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Every 4th Thursday of the month

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The goal of Indianapolis Buddhist Meditation Retreats (IBMR) is to provide teachings and support for Buddhist practice at all levels and to provide more specific or more intensive training to deepen and/or broaden the scope of individual and group practice.

Practice Change is a monthly opportunity for practitioners to commit to a change just for 12 hours on the 3rd Thursday of the month. RSVP and, if you desire, post on the event page what change you want to practice that day. Participants don't need to make public their intention but publishing it here may raise your energy to achieve it more than if you attempted the change on your own.

At the 4th Thursday sharing, you may discuss how the Practice Change worked for you and what you did on follow-up. Did you like the change? Did you give it up? Did you modify it? Did you set yourself another Practice Change intention?

Examples of Practice Change intentions include but are not limited to: reducing stimulant intake i.e. coffee, tea, nicotine, etc; eating more moderately; eating meals more slowly and more mindfully; avoiding eating meals or snacks after noon; avoiding eating after 5 pm; meditating 20 minutes during a break at work; doing mindful walking 20 minutes once a day; mindful walking 20 minutes twice a day; speaking to someone with encouragement at least once that day; repeating to yourself an empowering statement at least twice during the period, becoming mindful of body for at least 20 minutes during the day, etc.

Change is often difficult to do no matter that intellectually we know what change could benefit us. This IBMR event is designed to help us be aware of Right Effort and the power of Right Thought or Intention.

It may also help to remind ourselves that personal change also benefits others—those you love, those you don't care for, partners, spouses, friends, your support groups, etc

There is no charge to participate in this event. If you find it beneficial consider becoming a more active, contributing member of our sangha at IBMR.

May all beings be well, happy and at peace with themselves and the world.

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