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Indianapolis, IN

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Jul 29, 2013


I started with Zen practice in 1985 until I took my first retreat with Ruth Denison at IMS in April 1986. Since then I've maintained an ongoing practice while studying the Pali canon as well as primary and commentarial literature of other traditions.

Do you have a meditation practice?

Ongoing since 1985.

If not a vipassana or mindfulness practice what tradition informs your practice?

I've studied Zen and Tibetan Buddhism but Theravadan has been the main tradition of my practice - both the Thai forest tradition and the lay Burmese tradition.

Have you meditated for longer than an hour at one time?

I've done group and individual retreats over the years.

Are you interested in longer practice retreats?

Knowing the joy and transformative benefits of longer, more intensive practice I would like to share this practice with other meditators.

Do you need meditation instruction?

I have given dhamma talks over the last 25 years or so usually in the context of meditative experience.