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Wanna try something new, but don't want to eat leftover for a week? Miss big dinners from your childhood but it's just you (or the two of you)? Need a reason to mess up the kitchen? Does a big meal sound fabulous, but you don't want to fix the whole thing all by yourself? See "Semi Homemade With Sandra Lee" and think to yourself, "who the hell does tablescapes?" Maybe you have kids and need something more exciting than chicken nuggets and hot dogs and conversation deeper than Paw Patrol antics and who beat up who at daycare today, you know "grown ups", but want something more than a two-for at Olive Garden. Well, this may be the place for you. Seventeen years ago, when I first bought my house, I was a huge fan of a certain cooking magazine that I no longer subscribe to. They had an issue dedicated to supper clubs. So I poked around on the site's bulletin boards, and I started my own. We had a core group of 8, and had members who came and went. Some moved, some we lost track of because they were only there for a short time, but a few are now friends for life. Also back in those days, I had a core group of friends from my single days. I was fixing dinner all the time. I always joked that I was an Italian mother of 12 in a former life now reborn. Those guys drifted away, most because of life changes. I miss those days. I miss big meals around the table with good wine, good food, and laughter. We did dinner at home most nights of my childhood, Sunday dinners at grandparents, and I've loved times when I've been able to bring that sense of nostalgia back and share it with new friends. There are various ways this can go. Impromptu dinners one person feels like cooking and they need someone to help eat it so they don't have leftovers out their ears. Like how sometimes I feel like fixing salad, lasagna and dessert, but I can't eat all that, and it's kind of boring just me at the bar in the kitchen. If the mood strikes, just post it and say first X number of people to reply can show up. Someone sees a menu in a cooking magazine (wait, do people read MAZAZINES anymore? Maybe subsitute Pinterest board) so they pick the idea, and people RSVP with what they'll bring off the menu for a pitch in dinner. That way you try the whole dinner but you're not prepping it all, and there are people to share it with. Are you a member that gets frustrated because you join a meetup for diners, and the RSVP is only for 12 people and you NEVER make it in before it's full, and then you either get wait listed or just say screw it and bail out? Not a problem here! If someone sets a dinner, and the max is 8, you're more than welcome to post a spin off. A dinner has 8, but the wait list has 6 on it, feel free to message among the wait listers and branch off on your own. Use the same day/theme or rework it among yourselves. Viola! No more shut outs! The sky is almost the limit. There is a catch. One of my biggest gripes about these meetups that I have been a part of in the past are the ones who join everything, RSVP for everything, and then pick and chose what they want to do and end up monopolzing slots and wasting other people's time. We all have that occasional thing that will come up and you can't make it. If you are one if these people who are in mulitiple groups, RSPV for multiple events on the same night, and then last minute don't show, it won't be long before you have one less option to chose from because you will be removed from this one. In general, meals will be posted, opening date for sign ups which will include datelines to lock in. For example, say someone plans a dinner 3 weeks out, sign ups open 2 or 3 days after posted (so everyone has a chance to check schedules and decide rather than RSVP first and decide later) and lock in 3 days prior. It's not like you're showing up for a drink and a handful of nuts or cheese and crackers. People plan when they cook, and depending on what that is, it can get pricey. Don't be that person that is "that person." Life is short. I have no problem tossing bad apples. That is only one examole. The impromptu dinners where it's someone with an itch to feed whoever shows up just a few days in advance will open it up first come first serve with no ooening restrictions.

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