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Baker-Finder, Homebrew game that is based on Pathfinder core rules.
Group is currently looking for players. Come Join the fun noobs welcome. We play every other Saturday. D&D Lounge Food: in the D&D refrigerator/freezer we have frozen pizza, diet pop, filtered water. (Bring what you want to eat or drink.) Pizza Oven & Convection/Microwave Oven & Coffee Pot. paper plates, cups, plastic wear, are all provided. Donations for the cost of replenishing the food and supplies are accepted and appreciated but not required. Game Setup & Background. The just and wise king the land had adored for many years was murdered by one of his sons over 10 years ago yet the murder has yet to be solved. The land that was once united has since been divided among the kings 5 sons in a brutal war. Each of the kings sons rules the land in their own unique style and have plunged the lands into civil war. Brother against brother as they attempt to reunite the lands under a single ruler once again. You find yourself in the south, in the city of Hunan. Hunan is a very large city, diverse in population, has a unique location about the land as it is far from the war-torn regions to the north and to the west. A Merfolk Prince arrived in the city explaining to the magistrate that his father was witness to the murder of the King, he was in audible communication with the King at the time of his death and has sent him to the kings sons to share the information in hopes that it may bring justice to the family and peace to the land. The Merfolk Prince is going to need your assistance to traverse the lands and gain audience with the 4 sons innocent of the murder and help restore the focus of all Tamarians (people) to the hunting and destruction of the species of Dragons that have plagued the world since it's beginning. Will you help bring justice and peace to the war torn lands?

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Play Dungeons and Dragons in all flavors. See the message boards ( or calendar ( for more details. Thanks for looking, hope you join me/us in the adventures to come. Join Terry Hiett and Friends in the ongoing adventures of a lifetime. Become your alter ego for a time, have fun rolling dice and role-playing face to face

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