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Play Dungeons and Dragons in all flavors. See the message boards (https://www.meetup.com/Indianapolis-Dungeons-and-Dragons-Terrys-Edition/messages/boards/) or calendar (https://www.meetup.com/Indianapolis-Dungeons-and-Dragons-Terrys-Edition/events/calendar/) for more details. Thanks for looking, hope you join me/us in the adventures to come. Join Terry Hiett and Friends in the ongoing adventures of a lifetime. Become your alter ego for a time, have fun rolling dice and role-playing face to face. If you are interested in finding a group, setting up a one-time game day or creating a new group, please join us on discord @ https://discord.gg/BtzmXwc!

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Worlds Largest Dungeon (5th Edition Style)

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This campaign is intended to run twice a month (1st and 3rd Tuesdays). Game play will begin promptly at 6 pm (but I will take care of character concerns/questions/etc. prior) so please be ready to go. This is a large group and characters are currently levels 8 - 10. We are in section G-I of the adventure but please be advised that for this campaign I've adapted and rewritten stuff from several sources (primarily/including AEG's World's Largest Dungeon 3.5e) if you've already played through it/read it/GM'd it, this campaign (and it's devious surprises/plots/hooks/traps) is probably not for you, but I'd encourage you to join one of our other meetup games! Optionally, bring your own dice, a miniature or token to represent your character on the map and a 5th edition PHB. If you don't have dice/minis/books .... don't worry, I don't mind sharing! If you have ANY questions/concerns please feel free to let me (Tribble) know through email/PM or post below. Join our discord for more information and randomness: https://discord.gg/aTe2wff Resources: Official Basic Rules can be found here >> http://media.wizards.com/2015/downloads/dnd/BasicRules_Playerv3.4_PF.pdf Character sheets can be found here >> http://dnd.wizards.com/articles/features/character_sheets For character/setting inspiration I suggest watching/reading/thinking about the following: • Inheritance Cycle (Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, Inheritance) • Seraphina • NeverEnding Story • Willow • Stardust • The Shannara Chronicles • Wizards of Aus • Game of Thrones • Earthsea • Terry Pratchett's The Colour of Magic • Wolfhound • Red Sonja • Deathstalker • Xena • Mythica Series • The Beastmaster • The Last Unicorn • Piers Anthony's Xanth series • Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series • Sandman • Autumnlands • Goblins - Life Through Their Eyes (if you need more inspiration sources...just let me know ;) )

Princes of the Apocalypse 5th Edition

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Seeking players! Let DM Jacob know if you are interested/need more information/etc. https://discord.gg/ayXpMBv

Group C Play D&D in Terry's Edition: Any Edition Class, 1st Ed Combat rules..

Old school Dungeons & Dragons? 18 years old? Want to learn the mechanics of 1st Edition AD&D? Come play with Terry Hiett in the Judges Guild World. There were too many people wanting to play in my 1st Saturday high level ongoing 5th Ed campaign. While I like 5th Ed, I was weaned on 1st Edition AD&D and love the strategy and tactics in role playing and combat with this system. This game is limited to 15 attendees, 14 players and 1 DM/Host. The adventure will be ongoing using 1st edition D&D Combat and Spell casting rules. This will be a full reset of my 1st Edition Game. All players will be from Tegel Village. Can you survive the pirates, orcs, goblins, and the haunting manor.... oh my. P.S. for those who know me and the various story lines in my games, NO SNOW WITCHES this year.

Monday Night Group by invite only

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Please sign up to let me know if you are going to be part of this combined group. I would like to have a good idea of how many players there will be. We will be playing Empire of the Ghouls 5E. First session might have to spend some time combining the groups.

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