Indie Game Dev Mini-Talks December


Join us for another round of Indie Game Dev mini talks!

Have something you want to rant about? Are you interested in speaking? Send an email to Tobiah Zarlez ( TobiahZ at Microsoft )! All subjects welcome, as long as it related to Indie Game Development.

We will get to as many speakers as we can. If we can't fit you in this month, we can always schedule you for next month!


Speakers Jamal Davis & Nolan Doktor.

Jamal & Nolan will give people an introduction to electronics and hardware engineering by showing some of the stuff that they work on. They're hoping that by showing people what can be done with electronic hardware and how it can be done, that they might get inspired to incorporate some of this stuff into their projects, or at least see that it's within their realm of possibilities.

They will be showing a couple of the projects they've done and some they're currently working on. The focus will be on their LED watch project, they'll give a quick breakdown of how the project was started and the steps leading up to it's current state.


We rented the nook upstairs at Red Rock Coffee in Downtown Mountain View. When you arrive at Red Rock, go upstairs and on the left there will be a temporary divider setup for us.