What we're about

This group is for people who produce creative content (often using technology, and often working alone): writers, bloggers, video creators, podcasters, artists, photographers, graphic designers, illustrators etc.

As more and more of us work under these conditions, it is increasingly important to balance this time with real meet-ups in order to off-load, share ideas, brainstorm, rant, learn from each other or just to sit amongst people who understand the struggle of indie content creation.

How is this Meet-Up structured?

In most Meets-up's one of the members introduces the theme of the month. We then discuss aspects of the theme and how it relates to our work and life. If the group is over a certain number, we split up into smaller groups and come back together at the end to feedback what we explored and any ideas that emerged from the discussions. (See previous Meet-ups for examples of the stimulating topics we've covered so far!)

Do I need to be an artist or a techie?

Most certainly not. In fact, as we are neither a tech group, nor a specifically arts based group, our conversations can take in broad approaches and diverse opinions. We feel that only by exploring all aspects of any topic, can we break out of the usual mindsets and the subsequent blocks that often arise when embarking on creative projects.

We run a monthly meeting to provide regular face to face contact and back up these meetings with Facebook and LinkedIn groups to retain and strengthen those connections between meet-ups and provide a point of reference for advice, contact and support.

We are also looking at the possibility of setting up a shared incubator/hot-desk/meeting space in the next couple of years so do message us if this is something you're interested in.

Why run this group in the mornings?

Our meetings will be held initially once a month on a Monday morning. Yes, this is our work time, and thats what these meetings are - part of what we do and who we are.

What makes this group Different?

We take time to get to know each other, because that is why we are here. We keep the groups small and intimate. We are not trying to sell a service or a product, we are not interested in lecturing or presentations. We are a collective of loose-minded creatives who recognise that today, know one can know everything, but everyone knows something. The answer to most of our problems, lies in collective knowledge and collective strength. Come along and see!

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