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Hey All,

Im sorry to to announce that Volleyball is cancelled today. The building needs to go through maintenance all day, I will announce the next Volleyball meetup tomorrow. Im sorry about the last minute cancelation, but its completely out of my hands.

Have a great Sunday everyone!!!




---------------------Basic rules for Game-day-----------------------


1. You have RSVP’ed

2. You have not been suspended for RSVP'íng and being a no-show (only if it happens a lot, so don't worry if it happened to you once.)

3. You pay entrance fee when you come in to play (Session I =$7, Session II = 10$)

[b]Game Play[/b][u][/u]:

Games go to 16 or 21 points (rally scoring), depending if there's a team switching in every match.


-----------------------------Session I - ------------------------------

This level is for all new members, or members that just want to play on a recreational level. If you want to play in session II you should be upgraded by me OR recommended by a members in session II.

Basic: All members are welcomed, this court is for players that have not played in a long time and want to brush up on their skills. In order to play here you should know how to rotate on the court, bump, set and serve. PLEASE KNOW ALL THE RULES.

Intermediate: Know how to rotate on the court, bump, set and serve. You should also know when to pass to setter and be able to hold you positions on the court.

-------------------------Session II -------------------------------------

You need to be recommended by a current member in session II to start playing here. If not you need to start in session I and i can move you to the next session that same day.

-Competitive I: Know how to rotate on the court, block, bump, set and serve. You should also know when to pass to setter and be able to hold you positions on the court. There will be spiking and there will be dodging on this level. This is meant for members that have experience playing. RULE WILL BE MORE STRICT.

- Competitive II: This is the highest level that we offer, to play on this side it is recommended that you have experience from playing in school and teams. You should not be playing here unless you are very experienced.


----------------------------------Basic rules---------------------------

- Lose a point if you touch the net, cross the line on a serve, or carry on any play.

-If the ball touches the ceiling and lands on your side it is still in play, if it hits the ceiling and lands on opposing side, then it is out.

- If ball hits projector it is a redo.

-If ball touches net on serve it is fair game (Since we're playing on rally scoring)

-No excessive net touching for offense or defense (keep in mind that is you touch the net at all it should be technically an offense and the other team automatically gets the point.)

...I’ll add to this list for things that i missed

-----------------------Important Club Information---------------------

-If you arrive late to the game, you need to wait until the game in progress is finished to join your team. Inserting people in the middle of the game disrupts the flow of the game, and it's not fair to players that arrived on time.

- Max players for either side of the gym is 18, meaning 2 teams of six, and 1 team resting per category. I was told that we want to have breaks, so by having the extra team, each team can rest at least every two games (on a full day).

-DO NOT show up unless you have confirmed it through the meetup or are coming as a members plus 1.

- If you RSVP that you are going, please show up. I will suspend members that are repeat offenders

- Join if you are 17 years or older and understand and agree to the rules listed above.


- I don't mind people bringing in friends to play, the more people we have the more fun it will be. If you are constantly having the same 'plus 1' then please have them sign up for the group. This will help us be more organized during our meetups.

-If you are inviting more then 2 people, send me a message so i can approve it, I just want to make sure we don't overbook.

-Members that normally play in session II can play in both sessions for $15. This will be 4 hours of volleyball.