SUN. 9:30AM "OPEN" Pick-up Volleyball: NEW PLAYERS WELCOME!!!


Every week on Sunday until June 30, 2019

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Welcome to the club!


This is an open level volleyball group, we hope to see you there!

---------------------Basic rules for Game-day----------------


1. You have RSVP’ed

2. You have not been suspended for RSVP'íng and being a no-show (only if it happens a lot, so don't worry if it happened to you once.)

3. You Paid!

4. You are 17 or older. [b]Game Play[/b][u][/u]:

Games go to 15, 21 or 25 points (rally scoring), depending on if there's a team switching in every match.

-------------------------Basic rules---------------------------

- Lose a point if you touch the net, cross the line on a serve, or carry on any play. You cannot go under the net!

-If the ball touches the ceiling and lands on your side it is still in play, if the ball hits the ceiling and lands on the opposing side, then it is out.

-If the ball touches the net on serve it is fair game.

-Games go to 15,21, or 25 points.

---------------------Important Club Information--------------

-If you arrive late to the game, you need to wait until the game in progress is finished to join your team. Inserting people in the middle of the game disrupts the flow of the game, and it's not fair to players that arrived on time.