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[輕鬆] Dec 2 Thu 9-11 Velodrome

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-14 Players (min. C+ rating or above, max. 7 girls, others at host s discretion)

-Confirmation to be made as frequent as possible

-All eligible players (min. C+) will share the same priority and confirmation to be solely based on RSVP Date and Time (first-come-first-serve)

-Players who have noshow status/records or previously dropped any games at last minute may not be considered

-A safe and respectful environment is crucial for running the game

-Cost to be shared equally

-Bring a ball if you have one

Pls be reminded not to bring any guests or do spots sharing unless I am being informed and agreed with it.

Pls RSVP responsibly and commit to your spot. If you are confirmed to have a spot to play and can't come, PLEASE CANCEL AT LEAST 5 DAYS IN ADVANCE of the event so other players can plan to come. Failure to do so will be marked as NO SHOW unless you arrange a C+ or above player for replacement and we reserve the right to make final decisions.

Pls be punctual. Players late for more than 15 minutes without informing the EOs will mark as NO SHOW.