• Build advanced data apps to solve industrial challenges with GE

    Startup with an industrial advanced software solutions? Apply for collaboration with GE to build and deploy advanced data solutions using GE’s cloud-based platform Predix (https://www.ge.com/digital/predix). It is a great opportunity to get exposure, new business connections, €15,000 grant, GE support and training, solution development and business opportunity. We gathered 7 industrial challenges (http://digital-industry.io/challenges-outlines/), backed up by real industrial data, provided by GE Power, Eilat city, Daher & TBC. For more information click here (http://digital-industry.io/). Application open till October 23rd. #DigitalIndustryS02

  • Calling all software developers


    Ever wanted to develop an IoT solution? Here is your chance. From the energy sector to advanced manufacturing and sustainable energy use, Europe is driving sustainability and building cleaner environments. Join the Hackathon at GE’s Minds and Machines conference (http://www.cvent.com/events/minds-and-machines-europe-2017/event-summary-e63d8cd205a94673be160740070f3d28.aspx) to develop new software solutions that take decarbonization to the next level. You’ll be given several data sources, Predix as a data platform and an Intel hardware to prompt your solution. The first 10 software developers will be receiving a free round-trip flight to Berlin and free conference tickets. Register here (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdPkhwwYWoNLSBLzOr80dv1u05rl5GOI_FY1Ty1IpV0ecyAMA/viewform?c=0&w=1). For hackathon info, check here. For additional questions, check with Ira Blekhman.

  • The Outcome Economy and IoT-Enabled Business Models

    Agenda: 19:00 Gathering, Snacks & Beers 19:30 Opening, Eran Wagner 19:40The Outcome Economy and IoT-Enabled Business Models, Joe Barkai 20:00 Panel: IoT and the outcome economy - Peter Marx, Executive Director, Predix Application Eng. Evangelist, GE Digital - Michel Dolbec, Managing Director, VC & Corporate Development, GE Digital - Joe Barkai, Consultant, Speaker, Author & Blogger Panel moderator: Eran Wagner, Managing Partner, i3 Equity Partners 20:30 Q&A and open discussion The promise of a world in which everything and everyone is connected is offering not only new and deeper insights into product operations, but, more importantly, it is the foundation of a radically new economy that is based on business outcomes rather than on contractual transactions. In this meeting, expert speakers will offer opinions and debate the digital transformation enabled by the industrial Internet of Things. Encouraging audience participation, we will discuss technical and business considerations that influence the adoption of IoT-based business solutions. **Free entry, free beer & snacks, all brought to you by GE Digital (https://www.ge.com/digital/). The first 20 to register to the event will received an autographed copy of the book The Outcome Economy: How the Industrial Internet of Things is Transforming Every business. Cheers, Ira

  • Unleashing Urban Innovation

    Polly Bar

    Dear innovators, We are all thinking, dreaming and hearing about cities becoming smarter. Is this a fad? Is this a growing market? What does a smart city even mean? We invite you to meet Peter Marx, former CTO of Los Angeles, to hear about the latest trends in smart cities and how they will make our life better. Yinnon Dolev will discuss partnership opportunities for startups in this area. If you are involved in the development of smart cities services and / or applications, then you should meet Peter. Agenda: 19:00 Gathering, Snacks & Beers 19:30 Partnership opportunities for growth, Yinnon Dolev, Director, GE Digital 19:50 Urban Innovation, Peter Marx, Executive Director, GE Digital 20:10 Q&A and open discussion Free entry, free beer & snacks, all brought to you by GE Digital (https://www.ge.com/digital/). Cheers, Ira

  • CyBeer

    Polly Bar

    We thrilled to invite you to an informal meeting with the most senior cyber executives from GE. It’s a unique opportunity to chat over beer with world-known experts. Russell Dietz ,Chief Security Officer Richard Puckett, Senior Director, Cyber Intel, Product & Commercial Security Sara Demeria, Director, Cyber Intelligence Lior Ateret, Cybersecurity Lab Manager Agenda: 19:00 Gathering, Snacks & Beers 19:30 Introduction round with GE’s cyber leaders. 19:50 Q&A and open discussion 20:10 Networking & mingling Free entry, free beer & snacks, all brought to you by GE Digital (https://www.ge.com/digital/).

  • Digital Twin in the industrial era

    Zoo-Zoo Bar- זו-זו רוטשילד

    “In this digital industrial world, everything will have a “Digital Twin.” The idea involves building a digital model, or twin, of every machine” / Bill Ruh, CEO, GE Digital Developing digital twins for physical assets is one of the hottest trends in IoT. Applications are countless. Problems await to be solved. Innovation is required. Learn more from two global leaders. Agenda: 19:00 Gathering & Beer 19:30 Digital Twin – The digital-physical connection Lars Bruns, Technology Leader – Patterns @Scale, GE Global Research 19:50 Predix - The leading industrial IoT platform Hima Mukkamala, Executive Director Software Engineering, GE Digital. 20:10 Open discussion & mingling Yinnon Dolev, Director of the GE Digital Startup program, will be hosing the evening. This is a great opportunity to become acquainted with this approach and to hear about opportunities that are available to partner with GE. Free entry & free beer, brought to you by GE Digital (https://www.ge.com/digital/).

  • The challenges of the IIOT* space - Cyber, Data & Scale

    Developing a technology for the medical field? A system for the Oil & Gas industry? Or perhaps one for nuclear facilities? The IIOT comprises of many opportunities, as well as unique challenges. Join us to learn about the challenges and principles of developing cyber secured IIOT software from GE’s top experts. This session is designed for talented software developers & technology geeks with technical perspective. Agenda: 19:00 Gathering, Snacks & Beers 19:30 Greetings and intro to GE’s activities in Israel Lior Ateret, Cybersecurity Lab Manager, GE Digital 19:40 IIOT cyber security challenges Russ Dietz ,Chief Security Officer, GE Digital 20:00 Principles for a data-centric security architecture Paulo Pereira, Chief Data Architect, GE Digital 20:20 Developing for scale in the industrial space Keith Deutsch, Senior Architect, GE Digital 20:40 Open discussion & mingling *Industrial Internet of Things

  • Latest trends & opportunities in global healthcare analytics

    Healthcare cloud is designed to be a scalable, secure, and connected ecosystem to help manage the volume, velocity and variety of healthcare data. GE Digital and EY Israel invite you to learn about the latest trends and opportunities in global healthcare cloud analytics. Learn about amazing opportunities for Israeli startups to succeed in the era of digital health. If you a healthcare innovator, don’t miss this event! Agenda: 17:30 – 18:00 Gathering 18:00 – 18:15 Greetings Ari aslan, Hi-tech partner, EY 18:15 – 18:45 Cloud analytics for healthcare Chris Larkin, GM, GE Healthcare Software Life Science & Analytics 18:45 – 19:00 Partnership opportunities for growth Yinnon Dolev, Director, GE Digital 19:00 Free discussion & mingling Admission is free but registration is required - RSVP here (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1_EkmzSwTkweHKRQx3De03_99xfj7ZfpQ1AStpNb9fMM/viewform).

  • Innovation opportunities in the industrial & health care markets

    Hi guys, A unique opportunity to meet Harel Kodesh, GE Digital’s VP & CTO & Yinnon Dolev, Director, GE’s Startup Partner Program. Learn about the trends in the industrial internet and about opportunities for startup companies in this space. Agenda: 19:00 – 19:30 Gathering 19:30 – 19:50 Talk by Harel Kodesh 19:50 – 20:10 Talk by Yinnon Dolev 20:10 – 20:20 Question session 20:20 Free discussion & mingling 3 companies from our startup partner program will also be joining us and presenting. ThetaRay (http://www.thetaray.com/)- a leading provider of big data analytics solutions for unknown threat and risk detection Equalum (http://equalum.io/) develops an end-to-end data processing platform that captures data in real time to enable advanced analytics, alerting and reporting. Comilion (http://comilion.com/)is the world’s first decentralized, on-premises cyber-security collaboration platform.