Monetizing IIoT - real life use cases in the manufacturing space

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There is certainly no single, standardized way of getting started and enabling an organization to implement and monetize IIoT. Our goal in this virtual conference is to inspire manufacturers by showing approaches and perspectives that they might embrace to achieve impact at scale. In other words, our speakers will explain, using real examples, how to make money using IIoT. It is always interesting how others have done it.

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Session Schedule / Agenda
11:00 – 11:05
Welcome Introduction
Speaker: Greg Orloff
Sr. Analyst and CIO, IIoT World
11:05 – 11:25
The State of the Market
Session Description
Speaker: Stephen Mellor
CTO, Industrial Internet Consortium

Like many revolutions, the exact date of the initiation of we call the “industrial internet” is not exact, but many time it to a paper by two economists in 2012. Their top-down estimate of the effect on the industrial internet on the market is huge, but their bottom-up estimate of a 1% improvement from asset efficiency was borne out in half the time. This presentation:
- outlines the possibilities for the market
- positions the current state of the market
- outlines the next wave, which is already (partially) upon us, and
- looks to the future
Remember that the URL was invented 40 years ago, and Sir Tim Berners-Lee never imagined typing this up on the train with his ticket read from his phone!

11:25 – 11:50

How IIoT is driving business value in manufacturing and other industries
Session Description
Speaker: Cristoph Inauen
VP Strategy, Siemens MindSphere

Companies are implementing operational IIoT initiatives to achieve cost efficiencies and drive optimization into the value chain. As IIoT-related costs of data collection, storage, and analytics continue to decline, companies are tackling industry challenges. New business models are also being driven from the transparency and insight that IIoT enables.
This session will cover:
- Value of data across the value chain
- New revenue streams addressing key industry challenges
- Products-as-a Service
- Real customer use cases

11:50 – 12:15

Integrate Financial Information into Your IIoT Decisions To Ensure Optimal Outcomes
Session Description
Speaker: Anton van der Merwe
Partner, Alta Via Consulting, LLC

As you consider IIoT and AR, and even as you use these new technologies to optimize operations, your CFO will always say: “Show me the money.” This session will provide insight into the silent revolution that took place over the last decade in the accounting world and the tools being used today (integrated with MindSphere) to show the CFO the money.

12:15 – 12:30
Panel Discussion
Session Description
Three previous speakers on one panel, moderated by Greg Orloff

- Open forum for virtual attendees to ask questions.