What we're about

A group for anyone interested in any aspect of making videos and/or learning about filmmaking and video production, with hands-on group projects!

We'll come up with an idea for a short film together, then in subsequent meetups we'll work toward completing the project while having fun and learning from each other. Each meetup will focus on some part of the group project, e.g. scripting, shooting, editing or other post production. Sometimes we'll have lots of knowledgable people on hand, some times we may all be learning together - but the idea is to run with what we've got, just do our best, and have fun producing whatever we can each meeting.

By attending a meetup you'll join in as part of the crew on the group project based on your interests and abilities. You're welcome to just observe if you really want to, but we welcome and encourage participation regardless of skill level and will help out any way we can. We'll meet up and hang out for a while to get to know each other and review the goals for each meetup, then we'll jump in working on the project. Each meetup will have a coordinator on hand to help figure out which direction to go with what we have available.

Past events (6)

Project Beta - Shoot Day!

Maxx's House

Project Beta - Script Read

Books & Brews - Mass Ave

Project Beta - Come up with an idea

Chatham Tap

Project Alpha - Editing

Fishers Library

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