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PHOTO SHOOT: Annual Hendricks County Park2Park Relay

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Third annual Hendricks County Park2Park Relay. Teams of runners take turns running a cross-county course that starts in Sodalis Nature Park in Plainfield, in eastern Hendricks County, and ends in McCloud Nature Park in the northwestern corner of the county.

OF NOTE: According to the event's website, , there is a major change to this year's event. The course will be shorter -- only 45 miles, instead of 64+, and consist of 12 legs instead of 18 -- and instead of mandatory six-person teams, teams can consist of anywhere from two to 12 people (entry fees will depend on how many are on a team). There is still an ultra category (one person running the whole course). The new course means Brownsburg and all of northeast Hendricks County will be bypassed. Also not on the course this year are Avon Town Park and Washington Township Park, both in Avon. The new course, however, will go past W.S. Gibbs Park, the third and newest park in the county system (although it's still under development and not open to the public). Gibbs Park is in southwestern Washington Township, about halfway between Plainfield and Danville. The changes promise to result in a shorter day (they're instituting a 2 p.m. course shutdown).

In previous years, IMUPC approached this in a structured, organized fashion. It was included on the calendar of special events. This year, it is being offered simply as an unorganized, come-if-you-want outing. Unlike previous years, there will be no formal rendezvous at the finish line park (McCloud), unless any of you planning to do this wants to organize something informally on your own. Shooters can pick and choose when they attend and where they shoot -- they just have to do their own research ahead of time to get an idea where to be so they can catch runners in the act. Good places to consider are the start and finish lines; the 10 or so switch, or relay, stations; the rural county roads; and the parks (still on the course are Sodalis, Hummel, Splash Island, Ellis and McCloud).

This much we can share from previous years: The event is a good opportunity to hone your sports/action photo skills; work with and around the sun; set up and practice silhouettes; find interesting runner vs. landscape juxtapositions; focus on the emotions of runners on the course and at the finish line; practice your group photography with team pictures at McCloud; take inviting landscape shots; experiment with various shutter speeds to freeze action or drag the shutter to convey motion; use spot flash to fill when backlight is horrific; etc.

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