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SPECIAL PHOTO SHOOT: Churches (HOLD this date)

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Historic Churches

We'll start with the "North United Methodist Church" (38th & Meridian)

(Meet me there at 1:45 pm)

For more history and information, Google:

The origin of North United Methodist Church dates back to the mid 1800′s when a Methodist Circuit Rider began preaching to six families in a settlement of farmers known as Sugar Grove, which later became Mapleton.

As the congregation grew, they moved from a log house, to a log schoolhouse, and then erected a small church building on 38th Street between Illinois & Meridian Streets - just 50 feet from the current building. This church was known as Mapleton Methodist Episcopal Church.

In the 1920′s, eight founders and the bishop had a vision of a new Methodist church and building. In 1925, ground was broken on the church building. During this time, Mapleton Methodist Episcopal Church and North Church merged. North Church was dedicated on May 10, 1931. In 1951, the education wing was completed and in 1962 the courtyard was finished.

Charles Hopson, one of America’s foremost church architects, designed the building in an English gothic ( style. It has twelve stained glass windows ( representing the twelve apostles. The Holt organ was installed and designed by the Kimball Company.

I have a couple others I'm in the process of lining up, but this is a big and beautiful church inside. We may spend more time here than we realize. BUT, I will have a couple others that, if nothing else, we'll get the outsides!!!