Past Meetup

Portraiture Meeting (Replacing Regular meeting this night only):


Cancelling the January 27 meeting due to more frigid cold winds and snow due to come in on Monday. Rescheduling for Thursday, February 13 (in hopes of much better weather) and at the Athenaeum. We'll be in the Max Kade Room...and if the theatre is open that night...we may take a stroll over there (no promises!). If we can't get these rooms, I'll be sure to let you know...but, I think we can.

I'll pick up a couple Bazbeau pizzas...and, you bring your own drinks (remember this is a German club, and they like their beer, which is available in the Rathskeller if you choose!)

Come with your ideas and lots of suggestions, questions...whatever. Let's have a great discussion night!



PORTRAITURE Focus Group(s)

This focus group is being revised and will consist of two types of focus groups; and will take place primarily in two locations. Chris Williams will be leading these groups, assisted by Tim Biddle. Both are excellent photographers. They will trade off the lead position depending on their personal calendars. Several of you have indicated a desire to help in a variety of ways; please be sure Chris and Tim have your name and contact information.

The groups will switch back/forth, depending on the agenda, between two main locations: The North United Methodist Church ("NUMC") at 38th & Meridian and the Athenaeum at the corner of Mass Ave and New Jersey. It is hoped that we can set up a more permanent traditional style studio at the NUMC location and utilize stage and event resources at the Athenaeum. Other locations will be used on occasion.

Those locations, times, etc. will be posted within the next few weeks. (Due to so much snow, we've not been able to meet with the NUMC folks...but will get that taken care of as soon as the weather lets up a little.)

If you are interested in attending any of these meetings be aware that these are for both beginner and advanced members. This club does not/will not differentiate between those who have/do not have equipment. Basic equipment will be available at the studio location.

The mission of this club is that thru a sharing, supportive, and cultural platform, the proficiency level of its members will automatically be raised. To what extent, will depend on the amount of time each individual member wishes to invest and exert themselves.

For this meeting (February 13) you'll be talking about your expectations, wants/needs, etc.

Think in terms of what days of the week would be best as Wednesdays and Thursdays are more open days at the Athenaeum....or a Sunday afternoon (???) I'm trying to see if/how often we can get the theatre when no one is there. However, we will be able to utilize the theatre when most events are going on...a little later on once we are more established with our schedules, etc..