Past Meetup

FOCUS GROUP: Camera Basics

The Attic (Focus Room)

152 E. 14th Street · Indianapolis, IN

How to find us

Middle door of Carriage House (off 14th St). Meeting will start promptly at 1 pm.

Location image of event venue


On March 30, 2014, the Focus Group for Camera Basics voted to have meetings every other Sunday at 1 pm at the Attic.

We got about half way thru the presentation on "lens" and will pick up the 2nd half at the next meeting...April 13. Everything will remain pretty much the same, with the exception that this FG will meet every other week instead of once a month.



Camera Basics:

We're off to a great start...using the John Greengo Series, which consists of a multi-week video program. We will stretch this over several months and when we finish with the series, we'll see where we are as far as a group and what the needs are.

Videos last approximately an hour; then we'll open for Q&A. Don't be afraid to ask questions...

Camera Basics is not just for "newbies", but for anyone who feels they have never mastered the basics, or feel uncomfortable, or struggling with how much they know...

Sundaresh Ramanathan, who many of you know, will lead the discussion. The meetings will consist of both video and hands on.

Bring your camera and manual. Any type camera is ok. Between now/then, attempt to read and understand your manual best you can.

Sundaresh developed a Facebook website, "Camera Basics", just for members of this focus group" so you will have a project to work on after class.

Assignments, photos, discussions re this class only will be posted on this site so you can have everything you need in one location. (Please do continue to view our other sites, but this site will be specific to this focus group only.)



Below is the 2009 schedule Sundaresh had, and will be the one we'll use: