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Indiana Landmarks: "Windows, Gates, Doors: Portals of Historic Indy"


Windows, Gates, Doors:

Portals of Historic Indy

Indiana Landmarks - November 2

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Email and Posting on August 15

Wall Space
Joe Konz, Angela Schaller, Mike Richart, Connie Hamm, Sarah Crail,
Phil Taylor, Tom McFarland, Rhonda Clark, Karen D,
Debbie Saylor, Carol Thompson, Hershel Saylor and Andre Arnold
Last year was our first opportunity to exhibit at Indiana Landmarks Center!
This year, we're back with a bigger and better show!
Again, we're concentrating on "history"... not just those gloriously beautiful old homes, but the focus this year is "Windows, Gates, and Doors"... historical windows, gates, and doors ... portals of historic Indy! So, this year, it's not neighborhoods, but specific objects ... HISTORY- LADEN PORTALS ... the windows, gates, and doors.
Neighborhood boundaries are not a big factor either; all of the neighborhoods, war memorial, cultural or warehouse areas are included. Any location considered to be within the confines of historical metro Indy can be included.
The Lobby will be the starting place. Three easels will be stationed to welcome visitors, each holding a poster-sized print, chosen by a judge outside the club from those submitted from the 17 wall participants.
Then going to the lower level, the Signature photos that will both separate and identify the three areas (Windows, Gates, and Doors), will be showcased. The Signature photos also will be chosen by a judge from submissions by the 17 wall participants.
Wall Hangings - (Final specifications)
All photos must be framed Minimum size of 11” x 14” outer dimensions of frame Can NOT be larger than the Signature picture (24” x 36”) Mats and prints can be individualized (any size) Maximum of 3 photos per rod. Criteria for Photos for the November 2 Exhibit
at the Indiana Landmark
(And) for the 3-Person Jury:
The subject of a photograph for "Windows, Gates, and Doors" must convey heavy emphasis on the target subjects -- windows, gates and doors in historic Indianapolis. Periphery subjects can be included in photos, as long as those periphery subjects are a clear secondary component in the composition and/or do not distract primary focus of the subject windows/gates/doors. It should be absolutely clear that a window(s), gate(s) or a door(s) is the primary subject in such a photo.
For photos in the prime display positions (lobby easels and signature wall photos), it will be left to jurors to ascertain that the above guidelines are met and to accept or reject any photos on that basis. Photos depicting, for example, a full house on the premise that the photographer feels that the structure's full body of windows should be construed as the primary subject, or that it satisfies the definition of a target subject (windows, gates, doors) will be a decision of the jury.
Prime Display Positions:
1. 3 easels in Lobby with one photo on each
2. 1 wall “Signature” photo for each subject: windows, gates, and doors
3. Lobby and wall Signature photos can be vertical (portrait) or horizontal (landscape) orientation
4. None of these high-profile photos will be framed
5. IMUPC will expense these 6 photos (2 areas with 3 photos each)
6. Only 8x10 (or) 8x12 prints of photos will be considered for Jury review
7. Up to five photos per category may be submitted to the jury for consideration
8. For Jury review - deadline for submission is September 15
9. Photos selected for the easels may be duplicated in the wall hangings as a framed work of art and
Other Significant Dates and Deadlines:
Aug. 13 -- Eligibility closes for inclusion on Waiting List.
Aug. 15 -- Participating IMUPC members -- 17 eligible for wall hangings plus all waiting list members -- notified of total easels and total tabletop photos each member may display. Each member must notify IMUPC organizer Carol Thompson by Sept. 15 how many of these spots they would like to use so Carol can offer and/or assign unused/available spots, on first-come, first-serve basis, to other members.
Sept. 1-- Jury of three members (if needed) and two alternates is named and announced to participating members. Jury will decide photos to be used in the high-profile positions on show night.
Sept 15 -- 1) Last day for any of the original 17 members or any waiting list members to remove their names from the participation list; from this point on, all 17 must participate; 2) Remaining waiting list members bumped up to main list to fill any last-minute vacancies created by departures of original 17; 3) Last day for participating members t submit nominations (maximum five photos per photographer per category), in8x10 or8x12 prints, for consideration in lobby or signature wall spots.
Sept. 15 to Sept 28 –Jury meets to determine photos for three high-profile positions and
Sept 21 – 1) Last day for those taking part in this event to notify organizer Carol Thompson how many allocated tabletop/easels they would like to use. 2) After receiving responses from every member, Carol sends email notice ASAP to all members indicating how many (if any) openings there are to fill on tabletops/easels, depending on the responses from members, and fills those on a first-come, first-serve basis.
There are 45 table top spaces at cocktail tables (15 tables with 3 spots each – 1 for windows, 1 for gates, 1 for doors) and one 6-8’ rectangular table that will accommodate 10 table top easels.
Oct. 1 - All participating members get their photo information -- names, photo titles/categories, and price lists of all framed wall hangings to IMUPC organizer Carol Thompson for use on a show night program to be distributed to visitors and/or otherwise showcased within the gallery display.
Oct. 1- Jury announces its selections by email to IMUPC organizer Carol Thompson.
Oct 2 – 1) Carol Thompson announces which photos jury selected for high-profile positions so IMUPC members can proceed accordingly to frame the ones that will go on walls. 2) Carol will proceed to get all 6 of the high-profile photos printed (This includes the (3) 24 x 36 Signature photos to be used on the walls in the Gallery and the (3) 18 x 24 photos for the 3 easels in the Lobby).
Oct. 26- All framed wall hangings are submitted to IMUPC organizer Carol Thompson at her townhouse no later than 9 pm.
Oct. 31 - Setup of wall hangings and tabletop/easels at Indiana Landmarks. The Indiana Landmark’s Gallery will be available for set up from 3 pm until 8 pm. Another event will be taking place on October 31 (Halloween). Mark more than likely will ask us to enter thru the 12th Street door. I will keep you informed of this.
Nov. 2 - First Friday show at Indiana Landmarks. Everyone must be there and ready to go by 5:30 pm.
Show starts at 6 pm.
Other important info:
No hanging of anything on day of show. Everything must be done on October 31…starting at 3 pm. We must be finished and ready to leave by 8 pm.
After Nov. 2, the exhibit will remain up and accessible to view by visitors through November during Indiana Landmarks' regular business hours, which are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays through Fridays.
Only paid members will be able to take part in this exhibit.
Membership Dues are $20/year.
You can pay thru PayPal (on Homepage)
or, provide me with cash or check (made out to IMUPC).


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