Past Meetup

Special Guest - Rob Beno "Care & Maintenance of Your Cameras"


Care & Maintenance

of Your Cameras...!!

Rob Beno of Cam Pro Service

Rob Beno was referred to me (for us) from Jeff Coates and Greg Mitchell. Obviously both know and have used Rob's services in the past.

Jeff says, "He does very good work, and is much cheaper than sending cameras needing repair, to camera manufacturers, either directly or through Roberts....

He's a pretty quiet guy, but seemed very competent, and just a good guy..!!"

Sounds like the type guy we all want to know...???

He'll present some practical information about how to take care of your camera(s).

He is a certified technician for Canon, but works on all kinds of cameras!

Hope you can make it for this...and bring your camera(s)...just in case he decides to give us a huge discount on the spot!

If you want to check out their website, or maybe even need a good place to go for camera repair, etc. it is: (

They're located at: 8444 East Washington, Indianapolis, IN 46219