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Join this meetup group to discuss large-scale, fault-tolerant and secure distributed systems. You will have the opportunity to meet other developers and ops engineers interested in scalable storage systems, in particular Infinit.

Infinit is an object/file storage platform that allows developers and sysadmins to deploy software-based decentralized, resilient, scalable and dynamic storage infrastructure in minutes, i.e the Docker of storage.

Members will be composed primarily of developers and system administrators looking to further their understanding of large-scale distributed storage systems, most specifically Infinit.

Meetups will take place in a location in Paris, either at Infinit's office or elsewhere, where presentations from the Infinit team or community members will introduce features/improvements and discuss general challenges related to storage systems.

Learn more about Infinit at https://infinit.sh (http://infinit.sh)

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Infinit Meetup #2 — Drinks & Talks


Introduction to Distributed Storage Systems

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