What we're about

Our Mission: We are here to provide safe and empowering atmospheres for those in community to enjoy events and activities where they can show up authentically and know they are welcome. IDC is able to do this through a host of events where the LGBTQIA community in the Triangle area of NC can come together to do personal and community GROWTH while building an inclusive community.

The Diamond Need:

Our vision began in 2000 in SC where we learned that many individuals especially in the African American community did not have open, inclusive and empowering events that validated them just for who they were and their relationships. We immediately began hosting events that focused on people coming together to share and learn from each other in a safe environment where they knew they MATTERED and were a part of a larger community. New people in the area were always looking to meet new people and get involved. That is what we have done and continue to do in the Triangle area of NC.

The Diamond Affect

People have been able to meet fantastic individuals at our events and have established long lasting friendships and relationships. Individuals have become entrepreneurs, writers, etc…because through our empowerment initiative they have tapped into their vision and are now LIVING on purpose and helping others to do the same. People have also grown in their personal development as it relates to how they see themselves and relate to their families, friends, on their jobs etc… We continue to be about “Reaching People through Friendship and Love, Empowering them for Change.”

The Diamond Result

The great thing about this is that other “Diamonds” in other areas reached out to us wanting to also host events and activities in their areas that created the same safe and empowering atmosphere we have created here in the Triangle area. We were able to do this through our monthly events, retreats, conferences, community outreach, and other events we host. This is exactly what we had hoped for which is “Changing Lives, Building Communities” one person, one event, one life at a time WE ARE 1. We endeavor to make sure everyone knows that are welcome and needed in community.

The Diamond Success

We’re proud of the success individuals have experienced and how they go back to their individual communities/states and want to develop groups and host activities as Infinity Diamond Club offers here in the Triangle. All with the purpose of helping people to enjoy a more fulfilling life that encourages them to LIVE out the best version of themselves through events and activities that seek to bring people together to learn, share and GROW personally and as a community. We invite you to come explore the infinite possibilities with us. Attend an event. Come up with your own ideas for meeting intelligent, fun, and other LGBTQIA individuals interested in meeting new people like you.

The Diamond Community

We continue to need the community support, attendance and encouragement to continue this movement of working together as ONE to grow and have a powerful strong LGBTQIA community here in the Triangle area and in the WORLD!! We are making a difference one person at a time.

Past events (82)

The Big Easy Formal Dinner and Gala

Hilton Durham near Duke University

PraiseFest Night of Worship

Hilton Durham near Duke University

AMP Music Fest

Hilton Durham near Duke University

Womyn, Wings and Wine

Hilton Durham near Duke University

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