Infinum JS Talks #4

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As our new year's resolution, we decided to start high with a set of talks that will span for a few months. We are starting with basics - covering Webpack (how it works, and how to use it) and integration with all platforms. For our fronted portion of the talk have a talk about new CSS features that got us excited for the future.

CSS features coming to a browser near you
Tomislav Slovenec, Infinum

In this talk, we'll have a quick overview of some upcoming css features - css grid and css variables. We'll discuss some of their merits and cover some ways they can be used to hopefully improve your workflow and simplify your layout implementation without additional external dependencies.

Debunking of a Webpack black box
Andrei Zvonimir Crnkovic, Infinum

Join me as I explain basic Webpack principles on real life examples to prove that Webpack is not just a black box. We'll cover some basic use cases, define loaders - rules - plugins, and dive into the inner workings of Webpack.

Lightning talk: Using Webpack with ${backendTechnology}
Darko Kukovec, Infinum

Webpack is great, but what if you're working with backend technologies like Ruby on Rails? Fear not, because we'll show you how to configure Webpack so it can play nice with other backend technologies.