What we're about

Wet ink. Crisp paper. Fresh ideas.

We write thoughtful letters and create community through letter writing. This is a group for anybody who appreciates the value of hand-written letters and wants to compose them alongside other writers.

Ink Up is a space where we sit together, think, write, respond to, and share letters of all types. Each week we provide a different prompt for a letter to get things flowing. What you do with the prompt and the letter is up to you. Follow the prompt, or don't. Write in black-penned cursive, or use rainbow pictures to get your point across. Send the letter, or put it in the back of your drawer at home. We're light on rules and heavy on creativity.

We provide basic writing supplies (white copy paper, envelopes, and ballpoint pens). Stamps will be available, and we ask that you pitch in to help cover any postage you use--we often have awesome stamp designs. Any additional writing supplies that you would like to bring or share are welcome (e.g. stationary, postcards, fancy prints, rubber stamps, ink pads, wax seals, calligraphy quills, etc.)

Creating community is an important priority for our group. Often, we'll discuss who folks are writing to and sometimes share letters we've received in response. Regardless of what you write, this meetup is a place to support, power, challenge, and engage you.

Why we think letters are awesome:

From the writer's perspective, nothing forces you to reflect and distill your thoughts like a letter. Letters encourage an author to winnow their ideas and create clear communication, especially if the topic or the author's feelings about the topic are complex.

From the recipient's perspective, receiving a letter is unique. When you read that letter you feel the intention that the writer put behind those words. They took their time to put pen to paper. There is no auto-fill or mail merge. When you sit down to read something you can feel where the author touched the paper and see the pen strokes.

A pithy, well-worded letter is a unique and beautiful thing. On its own it can contain an entire world. And those are just two good reasons to come write with us.

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