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Mountain Excursion to the Himalayan and Big Falls

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It's that time again. It's time to carve our way through the most beautiful scenic mountains that exist in Southern California. The Free Riders will embark on a journey to the farthest reaches of God's country, to take in the magnificent sights that the perils of winter have bestowed on this unforgiving land. We will experience the cold temperatures, occasional snow, and the breathtaking views of being above the clouds. This is home to variety of wildlife such as the black bear, spotted owl, flying squirrel, and the southern rubber boa (huh??), and an occasional UFO (ask me how I know). This mountain trek will span Crestline, Lake Arrowhead, Running Springs, and Big Bear. There is not a straight section of road in this journey. This route has more curves than Nicki Manaj. If you like Nicki.....I mean, if you like leaning your bike over, your going to love this ride.

Lunch will be in Big Bear at the unusual "Himalayan Restaurant". This is Trip Advisors number one pick in Big Bear.
The cousine is Indian and Nepalli. They have a huge menu of low cost foods that cannot be pronounced by mere mortal tougues. This should be very interesting.

All Free Riders will have to stay tight, in case your neighbor eat's something really hot, and needs some assistance to put out the fire in his mouth (hey,...pass that shi&*^tt over here buddy !!!).

Our final stop will be at one of California's finest waterfalls, Forest "Big" Falls. This is probably California's tallest waterfall at 500 feet. The waterfall is fed by an underground spring, as opposed to snow fall, so it runs year around. The cold water cascades along a series of rock drops. For those Free Riders who are adventurous, you can actually climb this waterfall, among the many large boulders, and tide pools. It's an amazing experience.

We'll need to get an Adventure Pass for about $5, and once parked, it's about a 10 minute hike through the Mill Creek bed, to get there. For those Free Riders who are in "ready to rumble" shape, this is no problem. However, if you have some issues, like bone spurs, foot corns, wobbly knees, loose ankles, extra long python or maybe just allergic to mountain air, then just bring some Tylenol and a sling and come anyway. It's a beautiful majestic waterfall that's worth seeing.

There will be multiple stops along the way, as the rare picturesque "above cloud" scenes will need to be captured on our camera's. This will definitely be a Gopro ride, so if you have one, you'll get some amazing footage. If you don't have one, you could probably borrow some footage from a buddy, and create a cool movie. You might even hit a deer along the way. How cool would that be??

So, here's the route: 15 north, 91 east, to the 215 north, 210 East, hwy 18 north, to 38 south to the falls. Ride distance is 119 miles. Ride time is around 2 hours, 43 minutes. Bring some good clothing, as we might have to bundle up better, once in the mountains. Do a lot of heavy breathing before we start the climb, as the air will be thinner up there. All riders and guests are welcome to participate in this very cool ride in the mountains. Meet us at Tom's Farms or along the way. No rules, just fun, and fun loves company!